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Turntable for pottery wheel? What do you think? Answered

I have been wanting to build my own potters wheel.  It would need to be cheap to build.  Very cheap....  I have looked at kick wheels and Leach wheels.  They will not work in my situation.  They are either too big or too heavy.  I rent my home and these would not be good.  I started looking at banding wheels.  They are small enough that I could use them on a table etc.  I have seen videos of them being successfully used as wheels.  I will definately try the banding wheel, but I am also interested in a potters wheel.  I had an idea tonight, and that was to use a record player/turntable, but I am not sure of the torque or the RPMs.  I am interested in making small pieces. like mugs and small vases, etc.  Please let me know what you think.  Thank you.



4 years ago

Thanks guys, now I can stop looking for old turntables.

For the base the turn table is Ok for the drive you will need a stronger motor than the one in the turntable at least 1/4 horse.