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Twisted cymbal on Guitarhero World Tour PS3 & mini audio plug ripped off. Need ideas on repair or replacement? Answered

Actually Daughters friend who has Wii twisted. Apparantly on Wii cymbals spin 360 degrees on PS3 they do not. She attempted to turn cymbal around and tore the wire right out of the male right angle audio connector. I have bare wire exposed and connector is fine, so likely that actual female jack on cymbal is fine, just need a way to reattach a male plug. Total amateur at anything like this so any help would be appreciated.



9 years ago

I just fixed this. Here's what you have to do (read through first): 1) take a box cutter and remove the rubber casing from the headphone jack. You DO NOT want to cut any remaining wires inside, so run your cuts along the 'spine' of the jack. If you can clamp the jack, or pinch it over the edge of a workbench, will make it easier and reduce the chances of cutting yourself. This can take 30 min or more, 2) with the jack exposed, you'll see there are two wires: a) a shielded wire with a yellow coat and b) a naked gold wire. Hopefully you've got a decent amount of the exposed wired coming off the jack and you certainly will on the cord side, 3) on the cord side, separate the yellow and exposed cords & twist the ends to get rid of any frays, 4) to reconnect the exposed cords, you can simply twist them together and then wrap with electric tape or try to solder together and then wrap. For me, twisting worked better. Regardless, wrap with electric tape when you're done (you may need to cut the tape in half lengthwise), 5) in my case, the only thing left of the yellow cord on the jack side was a piece of the shielding soldered to the plug. Fortunately, that did leave me with exposed wires poking out of the shielding on the wire side. If you don't have this, strip some of the shielding off to give you wires to work with, 6) now, solder the exposed yellow wires directly onto the original solder point on the jack. Once you have a good solder, you're done!! If it doesn't work on testing, pull the jack back out of the with needle nose pliers so you don't further rip your connections and just keep trying to get better contacts until it works. Took me two times to get that last solder right, but everything working fine now...


10 years ago

What is the answer to this problem? I have the same issue.


Answer 10 years ago

I also have the same problem. I have wire hanging from the cord that is supposed to go into the plug that goes into the back of the cymbal. Please help!