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Twitches and Spasms Answered

So, for I while I have felt weird mussle twitches and spasms. Loads of em' in my arms, legs, and chest. My favorite is the one I get on my elbow. Once they errupt, they last for about 30 seconds, or until I move my arm. I love to quickly move my other arm and feel it go... bump....bumpbump.....bumpbump...bump....bump.... Is this normal? Is this some unknown disease? I want your knowlage/opinion on my weird spasms.


well, it could be just not getting enough exercise. A couple days ago that happened to me where I spent 6 hours in various waiting rooms (my dad fell off his bike, had to go to doctors, I had to go cause I had to go to the dentist immediatley after) and spent a couple hours designing a circuit board.

Ur right! But I play rockband drums daily. On EXPERT.

well, it's 9:49, but whatever... i got up at 5:30 for mole removal surgery. lidocaine is crazy!!!, you get all high, and then fall asleep...

no, it's related to cocaine, but it's not bad for your body. you inject it into your iv tube to make you fall asleep and feel comfortable. then afterwards, when you're asleep, they put the gas on you. 2 hours feels like a minute, it's pretty cool. i posted a forum, just click on my avatar.

OMG, I had that taken before for something, I don't remember but yeah, that stuff is cool, my dad says I have been asleep for 3 or so hours, but it feel like 2 minutes to me... I wonder why? I guess I feel like I am dead when that stuff is on me.

yeah, it's like the best sleep you've ever had or something

lidocaine is so cool, it makes the laughing gas alot easier, but you still have the taste of pennies in your mouth from the gas...

how'd you do the small text?

i only know how to do big text

2 commas, space, text, 2 commas.

I always say the chemicals taste like nickels
not pennies

like this?
either way it tastes like metal, and...
they gave me a coke afterwards, so the taste went away ;P
but also, i was shaking from the gas, but i wasn't cold, though i was shivering.

I get them every time my sleep schedule changes, which can be pretty often. Usually by my elbows or my thumbs. Sometimes if I get really stressed, I get a twitch under the corner of my eye, just like some psycho character you'd expect to see on Invader Zim. I'm sure it's normal, but I wouldn't put too much reassurance in that term. Usually if I keep myself on good vitamins, they go away in a week or two.

Yeah, the big muscle that connects the thumb to my palm. About as often as my elbow muscles.

I know what you mean by thumb now. One day, I was singing on Rockband, and you had to tap the mic, and I accidently slammed the mic to hard, and I felt my hand start to twitch near my thumb. I think they might just be cramps though.

Dredges memory

Magnesium deficiency?

If the symptoms persist, and especially if they get worse or more frequent, then you must see a doctor. They're probably nothing (easily solved if they are a dietary deficiency), but muscle tremors are sometimes symptomatic of neurological disorders.

Wouldn't hurt, unless you're allergic.

I dunno, there's been a lot in the news lately about high mercury levels in fish...

true, but eating different kinds means different contaminates and possibly different sources. this decreases the chance of you being exposed to a high amounts of a single contaminate. but not always so... still, it can be worth doing.

Fish are a significant source of magnesium and vitamin A so that will fix your dietary deficiency.

Fish is yummy. Like flounder. And I like clams. I can eat them raw or plain. I love them with the Tobasco sauce in the green bottle (Jalepino juice).

Kiteman I thought you were a doctor, and not just the PhD kind of doctor.

No, I just end up talking to a lot of them (most of my family have something wrong with them, and I often end up translating consultant-speak).

I'm a science teacher, no PhD though.

I spent too much time in the bar at university.

Hmm, you know too much not to have one.

Nah, a real doc would've known Herpes Zoster causes chickenpox the first time around, shingles the second. ;)

Neurological? Should I mention I'm still going through puberty? Could that be it?

Hmmm... Are you going through growth spurts? It could just be your nervous system catching up (literally - your brain takes time to learn where your extremities are), or it could just be the manky teenage diet. Try mineral supplements.

Then you're not going through puberty...

Puberty isn't defined as going through growth spurts. A person could be fairly well along into puberty before really hitting a growth spurt.