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Two 4" Drivers in one enclosure? Answered

I want  a very deep Bass as i am getting in my logitech z103...(image attached)
I am plannin' to build a sealed 10" cube outta 0.5" thick Plywood and put in em two 4" subwoofer drivers.
will i be getting the thing i want????
if not what should be the dimensions????
THnaks in advance!!!


You don't want a sealed box. Inside that logitec sub there is a wall in the middle where the sub is mounted. The front of the sub faces the port in the front of the box and the back end is the only part sealed. In the right enclosure a single 4" sub can kick out some good base to match or exceed that of the PC speakers. Especially if that 4" sub is of decent quality. They don't tend to put high quality speakers in PC speaker sets.

actually i dont want it to as same as thez103 instead i just want it to sound as deep aa it

Copy the box of the Logitec and you'll get the most out of the speaker. Sometimes the port is in the front and sometimes in the rear. All depends on the speaker itself. Do an internet search and see what you can find when it comes to Sub speaker cabinet design. You may find some plans that will be right up your ally with a pair of 4" subs.

You say you want the best sound from the speakers as you can get right? In order to do that you need a ported enclosure. Every sub enclosure is ported. Otherwise the sound is trapped and basically all you have is a vibrating box. You will loose a substantial amount of bass with a fully enclosed box. It won't give you deeper sound. If you want deeper bass then get larger subs and a larger amp.

So.... y u no getting it. We are telling you that an enclosed cabinet is not going to give you what your looking for.

how is it compulsory to in ported box to place a tube in a hole?
can't just a hole might work?
if not, what material should be the port made of and how to make it???? :/
how to make it means the length and the diameter etc....

Understand that the port ISN'T just a hole, its a delay line, designed to reinforce the sound at the front.

Start with a test box. You can either have a large hole and add smaller circles to change the diameter till you find the one that gives you the sound you like. You can play around with tubes as well.

SURELY he doesn't mean sealed IN a box. Bose speakers are "sealed", but only for the rear of the cone to the front. You get more ACCURATE sound, but the bass response suffers.

Y u no spell properly ? Is there some kind of tax on writing proper whole words ? Using Txtspk here makes you look like a 5 year old.....

Why do you want a sealed enclosure ? Their bass reponse is nearly always poorer than a ported unit.