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Two Knex Walkers of mine Answered

Here are two knex walking machines of mine. Neither are bad, but both aren't great. I Might post the second one if I can make it better. They are both powered by two Knex Powerpacks. The first video is of the smaller one, and the second and third are the larger one.



9 years ago

Oh!, the first one will probably give me night mares... But heres mine:D Ideas from Viccie's "Stuart" walker.


Lol Nice! Thats good stuff! Video?

I don't understand how to upload a video to Instructables, i took a vid of my gating gun a while ago and tried..

You have to save it to your SD card, and give it a name you'll remember, then just do what you would do with a picture, but find where you saved it, and open! simple as.

Hmm... Im not much of a techno-geek myself...

when u post a comment hit the add images and then add ur vid instead. (i think thats how u do it)

there is a "video" button next to "link".

it doesn't have a url

hmmmmm. what web browser/ OS do you have? that might explain it. IE7 on Windows XP home edition ha it.

I have a mac, so "Safari"

cant help you there, then. sry.

whats that supposed to mean?

lol. does >.> mean idk, or do you not know.

huh? im asking you what it it means and you reply with "what..". did you accidently forget a period or did you accidently add a period? then i can tell. chow.

its a face! >.> <.< >.

BUT WHAT DOES THE FACE MEAN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! sry. got a little mad.

no, its just a face:)

I'm 2 dumb 2 make a knex walker

I tried 12 times, all epic fails, moter blew up and exploded. Look at my Spiff! ( i no quality sucks)

srry youtube admin deleted it it was shooting through 2 layers of card board

rifle might come out in jan or feb. depends when i ge t more knex

That second one is great. You'd get a smoother ride if you could connect each leg 90o out of phase with the next, instead of 180o as you have now, then you will have less time between foot-falls, and less up-and-down motion.

That is, if those pieces will let you connect at different angles?

I thought you disliked all things knex?

No, I dislike poor quality postings that do not do justice to a versatile kit of parts.

lol, you sound like a knexer speaking about block triggers!

It's OK - I have a reputation, I know.

Btw, random question, are you a teacher? You always strike me as a science teacher but I don't know if you are.

Yup - science, maths and pastoral head of year.

Nice, frustrating isn't it? (I may be 13 but I've taken an Art lesson for origami, and it is very frustrating.

LOL - there's a few I'd gladly throttle, but then you see what kind of families they're coming from.

Yeah, by that last part you either mean the parents are... Well, you wouldn't say a bad word to them, or the families are nice, lol.

"Nice" is exactly the word I wasn't thinking of!

Thanks! I will try as you suggest. I think I may have tried it already, Im not sure. Thanks!