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Two bugs with Instructables layout update -- Step 1 is inescapable Answered

In a recent post, I mentioned that the presentation of Instructables had changed slightly.  Instead of the first ten steps in a "table of contents", now you see the Intro and Step 1 in full.  It turns out that there are two bugs associated with this change.

First, Step 1 seems to  always show up, whether you've viewing the Intro, or viewing Step 17.

UPDATE 17 Aug 2010:  This has been fixed.

Second, when you click on the links for either the Intro or Step 1,  you see the same thing, those two steps together in full.

UPDATE 17 Aug 2010:  Actually, if you click on the Step 1 icon in this case, the page jump-scrolls to the start of the Step 1 text.  This is a feature, not a bug.

There's no problem with "View All Steps" (for paid users).  That behaves the same way it always has.

UPDATE 17 Aug 2010:  "View All Steps" now uses jump-scrolling.  If you click on any of the step icons at the top of the I'ble, your browser will scroll to the start of that step on the same page, rather than loading a new page.    This is a feature, not a bug.


After user kcls pointed out the new jump-scroll feature in "All Steps", I took a closer look at that second "bug" I reported.

In fact, when you bring up an I'ble and it shows the Intro and Step 1 together, clicking on the Step 1 icon does a "jump-scroll" to take you to the text, rather than loading a new page. So I will update the forum text accordingly.

The problem with the step 1 text was introduced with this release, and should be fixed shortly.

For intro and step one having the same icon, are you referring to when making an instructable or viewing?

I don't think it's a bug, but rather a feature. I'll post more in a top-level comment.

Hi, Matt. I'll edit my "Second..." sentence, it was unclear. The icons are different, and each is correct. If you click on either of the two icons, then you see the same result.

Yeah, that seems a bit difficult to explain in text. I had to browse the site...and once I saw it, I realized what you were talking about.

I've passed that message along! Hopefully they get to it pretty quick.

It's awesome to see how after a new roll out kelsey picks up as much as he can, tells you guys and it's all cleaned up in 1-2 days!

Why don't they just keep the table of contents? It make it easier, and it also is a HECK of a lot less annoying...

You did realise that these are bugs, not intentional changes, right? That's why this is posted in the Bugs forum.

I sort of like the TOC, but cutting off at 10 steps (which you have to do or it gets extremely unwieldy) can be misleading.

The row of icons with hover text can serve almost the same purpose, except to people using non-graphical browsers.