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Two more hours left, before my Birthday is complete.... Answered

Yes, I turned 50 today. No whirlwind, no party, no production.....ate out at an Italian restaurant, but that was it. Oh, I took off work today until the end of the month....I go back next month :-)


Happy birthday, mister! And yay for the vacation! I'm on vacation this week but I haven't done anything but sprain my neck and eat pastries. I hope yours turns out better!

The next town over from me got a two hour delay this morning... -_-.. But I have heard Pennsylvania in general will be getting quite a bit of snow this year! :D

*groan*....I hate walking to work in the snow and with icy sidewalks and whatnot.

I don't like ice either, last Monday i slipped and fractured 2 bones in my wrist.OUCH!
And happy Fiftieth birthday also!

Ooo, sorry to hear that. Hope you heal quickly. And thanks.

Yay snow! It's snowed twice here so far. That's almost unheard of. I hope we get a lot this year. :)

We normally don't get too much before January or February....thankfully it is not bad on the roads.

Happy belated 50 year one week/one day birthday!

Thank you :-) So, are you all looking to make as many changes in TECH as I have already seen? (from Tubes to transistors to several hundred transistors in a chip). From an adding machine the size of a conference room, to one the size of a watch, etc.... I hope so.... :-)

Your welcome! Um... I'm not a huge fan of tech.. sorry

Well, whether it be 'puter Tech, or GREEN tech, anything that revolutionizes the way we do things is just great.

I am all for re-use too :-) And of course, I meant you all generally.....because I want to be a part of it too :-)

. Happy birthday, you old fart!

My art teacher said that to me on my twelfth!

Thank you Pffffffffaaaaaaa whoops ;-) LOL

Happy birthday! You are half-century old!

Thank you, and looking forward to the next half century too ;-)


9 years ago

Happy Birthday

It will not feel like I am coasting down hill for at least another decade and a half or so :-p I am not rushing nor pushing it.....I DON'T want the "time to go fast" since that means the end is that much nearer, that much quicker.....I want to savor every moment I can :-)

You need coaster brakes for your over the hill coffee mug.

Over the hill is infinitely better then under the hill; unless you are a Hobbit :-)

No whirlwind, no party, no production....

Hey, I turned 16 a few months ago. I had one friend come over. We ate hamburgers and cake and played video games and read comics. He didn't want to spend the night or go out on the boat :P

A couple weeks after that, I went to a "Sweet 16" of a girl I hardly know - there were near a hundred other ppl at the party. We all had to wear "cocktail attire" and it was at a fairly wealthy country club. There was great food, good music, a well-known (to the area) rapper, etc... Her mom gave a nice little speech about how wonderful of a daughter she is (when I turned 16 my mom picked on me in front of my friend)...

Funny how life is.

Coming from a guy who knows what it's like, I hope you had a great birthday... and don't let your birthday set the bar for the best day you can have! ;)

Oh no, I meant it as "no fanfare" because I am not into that kind of thing. My wife's big surprise (the day after) was to have a friend pick up a small B-day cake (dark chocolate, my fav :-) and present it last night at the club we went out to see a friend play at. That was enough notoriety for me :-)

I'm not really into big parties either - but usually I get about 2 or 3 friends to sleep over and maybe go camping or out on the boat, but not this year :(

In a way, this birthday is a bit bitter-sweet. It is nice I was able to make it thus far, it is sad that my Dad was not able to, 30 years ago.

Happy half century! My 17th is in about 20 days

Thank you, I hope to be around for the second half too :-)

Happy birthday!

When my father turned fifty, he formed a theory. He was 25 when I was born. When he turned 26, he was 26 times older than me. By the time he turned fifty, he was only twice as old as me. He says I'm catching him up, and has decided that I will one day be older than him, and that that day will be sometime before he dies.

Thank you :-) I suppose that it is a, um, theory of a relative(ity) ;-) With this birthday, I have now outlived my Dad, who was taken at the age of 49 by cancer.

There's hope for us all (my own Dad was supposed to be dead now, at 65, because of skin cancer in his twenties - the doctors told him he would keep getting melanomas, and wouldn't live long enough to see a family grow or collect a pension. I'm kind of glad my Dad ignored the doctors...)

I didn't know it was your birthday! I guess you'll be online even MORE now.

Not much more....not much has changed, although my vacation will help some

I didn't know it was your birthday...I should have noticed on facebook


9 years ago

Happy Birthday! Sorry I didn't comment on this while it was still your birthday, but I just woke up an hour ago!

HAAAAPEEEYYYY BURRTHDAYYYY!! sorry its late, but i was kinda sleeping when this topic was made!