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Two people posted ads on my instructable Answered

Two people posted an ad on my instructable and when I asked one person to delete it they posted another ad and argued with me about it not being spam. Can someone please help me get rid of those comments?

Link to Instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Paper-Diamond-Puzzle-Sketchbook/



Yeah, I seem to have been extra busy this week, now that my computer is almost back, flagging such things.....tis been very irritating to say the least :-)

Apologies if they were there for an extended period of time. We were testing out some countermeasures. It should all be cleaned up by now.

Force of habit. Previous work experience, so some of the lingo kind of sticks with me. And no making fun of shedded tinfoil. You don't know how well it works on spammers until you try! My idea is to clog their internet tubes with a bunch of shredded tinfoil, and when they try to post spam...their tubes are blocked!


The term is entirely accurate, Matt :-) I appreciate people who use appropriate language.

Nah, they weave it into special cosies for the servers...

I looked it over and found the two "members", makinmylife and dimon7777

nmylife has posted comments on at least 13 instructables with links to an external ad or  malacious website. 

dimon7777 has been a member for only one day and claims to be the owner of Instructables.com. This member also posted links to "antivirus software" in the comments and has the "antivirus programs" link as their profile website.

After reading through these, I realized that there's a FLAG for spam option for comment and instructables, but no flag function for complete members. Can we get this fixed, admins? Nobody wants their showcase website to be associated with malware.

If you think a member is causing problems with spam, or other unsuitable activities, then just drop a PM to one of the admins (usually Randofo, as "Community Manager").

If it's a spam issue, then it's enough to entitle the PM "Spammer" and include the user's name (eg "www.instructables.com/member/SPAMMER").  Otherwise, a brief description of the problem, and a link to the page with the problem comments, would be useful.

You can do that, but it's an extra step that's really not needed. If you flag it, in most every case, it should be gone within the day.

I suppose if it's of great importance to get rid of it as quickly as possible you can pm someone, but we're checking flagged items about as often as we check our mailbox.

I didn't mean PM about each piece of spam, but I have come across a number of accounts recently where a bunch of spam posts and instructables have been posted - for instance, there was an account that posted adverts for fake tanning cream every couple of days - and it's easier to highlight the account than to trawl through their posts.

Don't argue. Don't reply. Just flag it and move on. By replying you're letting the SPAMmer know that they were successful.

Ok, I will make sure to not do that next time, thanks!

:-) No problem! It's quite annoying, I know -- and more so when one of these low-paid keyboard slaves creates multiple forum topics as well. On the upside, when someone on the Community Team notices and flags, the postings disappear right away.

What do you mean the community team? I have heard it before but I forgot what it was. And yeah, it is very annoying to have spam on your own instructable

The community team consists of staff and a small group of members who do things like apply feature flags, can "delete" (flag and make invisible) comments, and do judging on contests.

And I forgot to include, people should be able to delete comments on their instructable, just like their orange board, so stuff like this won't happen.

That's been discussed many times and is against site policy. It should be easy to find the forum topics (just search for "delete comments").

Flag them as "spam", and the admins will delete them for you.