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Two-way Radio for a medium-size community Answered

I have been thinking of building something like a two-way radio except that it should be more like a mobile phone network with the exception of call charges. it will be used in a small environment of about 100 people. I was wondering if anyone has ideas on how to build something like this.


If you're not bothered about people over-hearing, go with CB. Otherwise, I believe there are already digital walkie-talkies where you type in the code of another handset within range to talk directly to that handset and that handset alone.

Although I may be wrong about that last bit

Something like this?

...the IC-F4029SDR opens its squelch only when a matched code is received. It provides quiet stand-by and group call functions while sharing a channel with several groups. The code “255” is the fixed code for an all stations call.