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Type of wood? Answered

I'm building a small simple boat however im stumped as to what type of ply wood to use and the thickness. I want to be durable so i thought of 4x8x1/2 plywood but the closest lumber seller is lowes and they dont carry anything of that size. So i figured i'd go to 4x8x1/4 only thing is its OSB utility panel wood, the only problem i don't know what utility wood is, i know what OSB wood is just not utility. My next option would be 4x4x3/8 plywood sheathing.

So my question is which of those should i use or if i should use them at all?




Best Answer 8 years ago

First of all, as Lemonie says, you'll want marine grade plywood, which basically means that it can withstand a lot of moisture without de-laminating. Then you'll want more plys (laminations). 5 plays for 1/4" thick plywood and 7 plys for 1/2" plywood. As for thickness, if your design has curves in it, you will have to use 1/4" plywood because you can bend it enough to wrap gentle curves. If all of your surfaces are going to be flat, you can use 1/2" plywood, but it will be a considerably heavier boat. Overall dimensions of the plywood itself is not too important except for the fact that it is desirable to use as few pieces as is possible, both for appearance and water tightness reasons. Lastly, as far as I am concerned, under nothing but the direst of circumstances would I ever consider using plywood with an OSB core for a boat.


8 years ago

a small boat can be built from 1/4" plywood as long as its well covered (paint) anything thicker than 1/4" can be a real pain to bend and join. There are a number of sites about building small boats, here are a couple, with a little browsing and link chasing you can have 50sites or more like I do http://groups.yahoo.com/group/onesheetwonders/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mouseboats/ http://www.thecheappages.com/ http://www.duckworksmagazine.com/

You really want "marine-grade", but make sure it's fully waterproof if nothing else. What you use is really down to your boat and desgin when it komes to dimensions. L