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Tyre table Answered

Hello I have an idea surrounding a racing car tyre which i was given for nothing, as a racing car fan i though this was brilliant. However after the novelty was worn off i came to the conclusion that i have nothing to do with it. I have came up with a use after about a year of it sitting at my parents house, i want to create a table based within this tire, the most basic thing i am wishing for this is a circle of glass to act as a table top, however this idea has developed and i would like to have this top removable if possible where there is another plate of glass on which i could put things, the final evolution would be for this table to light up also, preferable with its own power supply but if this is not possible then mains powered would be no problem. another option i was thingin is if the top of the table was able to be pushed down to turn off/on the light. If anyone has any suggestions of materials and/or components that i could use this would be a great help as i am stuck at the moment. I am unaware of even the typer of glass to use! LOL Many Thanks in advance for any help i receive Matt



9 years ago

How would i go about the electronics of this though, i am not best person with this stuff. i need a lehmans guide to this ppl. many thanks matt

The glass should be fairly sturdy (think thick) and maybe even tempered (as long as it will not be struck along it's edge).

It sounds like you have all the ideas you need. You should be able to get circular glass locally (see picture framers etc), and everything else is basic woodwork / electrics. If you put one piece of glass part way down inside your tyre, and the other over the top, then place your lights in small columns between the layers, the reflections will make it look as thought the lights go down further than the floor.