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UK Based Online 3D Printing Agency/Bureau? Answered

First post here can anyone recommend an online 3D Printing Agent or Bureau that is UK based? The type where you can upload your designs and they print & post you your items?

All the ones I have found so far have been in the US or in Europe.

If they have a store which allows you to sell your designs through their site that would be a bonus but not essential.

Many Thanks 



Thanks for your link and the time it must have taken you to create it. Perhaps I should have been a little more explicit in my request I am already familiar with many Search Engines including Google and have utilised them all to no avail with many varied search terms including the one you so kindly provided, perhaps it doesn't exist in the UK.

Only then did I seek help from what I hoped would be like-minded makers only to receive sarcasm thinly disguised to comply with the "be nice" comment policy.

Were I the Internet newbie you have assumed me to be your "help" was quite condescending however since I am NOT you have just wasted your time and mine and some bandwidth.

If your response was an attempt to be humorous then perhaps I could recommend the following link to you http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smiley  to assist you making future attempts at humour clear for all to see.

My Granny always used to say "if you cannot say anything nice/useful say nothing" which oddly sounds very like the "be nice" policy here.

Thanks in direct proportion to the help your comment was.



So what was wrong with the hundreds that appear with the Google search Kiteman provided? We get a lot of questions where it appears the asker just wants a handout and is too lazy to search themselves. Other than the fact that yours is better structured and with no spelling mistakes, your question looks a lot like one of those, probably hence the sarcastic reply, since we get dozens a day.

If none of those are suitable.... why? Wrong materials? Not large enough print area? I'm guessing you've already looked at Shapeways? While they're not UK based they do ship to the UK for only a tiny bit more than Belgium or the USA where they're based.

Having been part of the ever shrinking British Engineering Industry for some time I prefer whenever possible to support a British Business. Ideally I want something like Shapeways which allows you to upload and print without the "Get A Quote" Hoops hence sadly the first couple of pages of links which I had already seen in my own searches anyway do not match what I was looking for.

Thank you for acknowledging the sarcastic nature of Kitemans initial post as he seems to trying to accuse me of unwarranted sarcasm in my reply to him. So much for the "Be Nice" policy eh?


Taking a look at quickforge for example, I'm not sure what it can't do for you. Enter dimensions, quantities and colour, it tells you how much, you accept it and upload a model. Where's the problem ?

Not "all quiet" just busy with other things it's called having a life.

Nice to see your continued observance of the "Be Nice Policy"

Clearly you did not follow the link before letting all your sarcasm reflexes take over your keyboard.

After the commercial links, the entire first page consisted entirely of links that met exactly your requirements.

Clearly you are psychic in that you can tell me exactly what I did so (in)accurately.

I have explained in detail why the links you provided were not useful in that I have already seen them in my own searches and dismissed them.

Keep up the good work with the "Be Nice" Policy.

You "dismissed" them all? I'm impressed - there were thousands of returns on that search, it must have taken you weeks to contact them all and find they could not help. And would none of them suggest an alternative provider you could try? That's a shame.

Oh, and my posts fall well within the "be nice" policy, so your attempts to score points through sarcasm are wasted.