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UK Camping Meetup August 26th 2011 Answered

Just musing on a new idea for a UK meet, in, say July/August 2011, this time camping somewhere. No ideas where or what to do, apart from integrating some of the camping 'ibles and outdoor-sy ibles.

Any interest in the concept ?



Right, Venue is Holly Bush camp site near Hay on Wye in Herefordshire, Friday 26th August until whenever - come for the weekend or longer.


Perhaps the Peak District would make for a nice central place? I know of a field round the back of Mam Tor near Castleton?

No idea for what we could do, might be fun to get materials, rods, etc, and built our own communal shelter for the weekend? Having got normal tents to hide/sleep in?

does it have trees
it has to other wise i cant climb them
or else there will be a consiquence

The consequence being you will have to do without climbing trees...


(For some reason, this reminds me very strongly of Winnie-the-Pooh...)

*chuckle*, not having "read" the books, but having seen all the shows and animations, I didn't know he spelled it that way, cute.

im definately being poo wait im mean pooh XC

IIRC, the soil is only a few inches deep...

Maybe you could bring a hammer and chisel?

(I could be wrong about the soil - I used to live a few miles from Mam Tor, but I never walked much up there.)

Definitely an acceptable option from this end.

(@ Steve - the idea I had probably won't pan out.)


7 years ago

Oh I am so in! I teach Survival for my Scout district, so I'm well up for a jaunt out I'bbling with you guys

Added to the collaborative Ible and link sent !


we could make bibiwacks

Ah, the traditional British approach to parenting...

I'll notify the solicitors in the morning to have to young lad disinherited.

Actually, it's one of the great joys of being a parent, like when your kid goes up on the world stage, forgets one of their lines in the annual school theatrical performance and shouts into the microphone, "OH CRA..."....wait, who were we talking about again? 

Tsk, tsk, Steve. You should Be Nice to the young man. After all, he's just another user; it's not like he's your....oh, wait. Never mind...

No, and you know it.


Flamebait. The grown-ups here can all post grammatical sentences. The kiddies, from whichever continent, in general, can't.


But about 70% of members are below 15...
And many of them just speak text language...
e.g. thedudeinmyroom

In actual fact, that comment is damned near racist

I'm in :)

Request: a campsite with a few boulders near by?

For climbing? You'll have a certain Cardboard Warrior on your tail...

Absolutely. Ha, he can come, so long as he doesn't thwack me with any cardboard war implements.

How about cardboard crampons?

Ice?! In August? He's welcome bring a cardboard parasol to keep the rock cool and the friction up.

Spiked feet are cooler than any girly umbrella.

Good join I have these then:


That would mess up your hard wood floors for sure LOL


They would certainly impress somebody, if he wasn't in bed now.

I've set up the usual collaborative 'ible for all those wanting to come.