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UK Charity needs the help of Makers Answered

I visited the Grand Henham Steam Rally today, and came across a stall with a clearly hand-made sign with individual letters moving back and forth on small cams.

It was manned by a couple of chaps from the local "panel" of Remap.

Remap is a very special charity, working through a nationwide network of dedicated volunteers. These inspiring people use their ingenuity and skills to help people with disabilities to achieve much-desired independence in some aspect of their lives, or to enjoy leisure opportunities previously closed to them.

Remap's unique pieces of special equipment are tailor-made by volunteer experts and given free to the people who need them. Because, as well as being inventive and skilful, they also care about people in their local communities who have disabilities - even a combination of them - which mainstream services have not been able to counteract. Our volunteers think these people matter a great deal - enough to give their time and energies for free, taking the trouble to ensure that each item they make really suits the individual person concerned and does the job it is meant to do.

Remap already has 85 panels across England, Wales and northern Ireland, and helps over 3000 people with disabilities each year. With your help this number can be greatly increased.

The chaps I talked to said that Remap was "just a name", but they reckoned it stands for Real Engineers Make Anything Possible.

The things they make are not rocket science, or even very complex. They are just sensible solutions for people who have unique needs. Like making a toilet seat with a smaller hole for a child lacking in the motor skills to balance on a narrow seat. Or adding extensions to tap-handles for arthritic pensioners. Or making custom hooks so that a woman who suffered a stroke could reach to close her windows. Or even just adding short extensions to the arms of a chair so that the user can get enough leverage to stand.

They are a nation-wide charity, and need help everywhere. You can find a local panel or contact them centrally.

If other areas are like my local panel, they especially need younger volunteers. The youngest member of the local panel here is in his early sixties, and they recently buried their (ex) oldest member, still Making at 84.

Case studies
How to volunteer
Find your local panel
Remap in Scotland


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Ok wow, this is something I would really love to get involved in... It'll probably have to wait some time until I am out of the woods for tech, I'm covering a lot of events for the next few weeks but after that I'd enjoy this so much.

hmm just checked for closest panel, the name quoted seems familiar... that's a good sign...

My personal plan is to join as a "holiday" member - I don't really have time to help during terms.

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Very cool

That is surely one excellent charity. I used to volunteer at the local special needs school and run a sports club. We had to go to great lengths to adapt sports equipment for children with all types of disabilities to use, such as making brackets for hockey sticks, or making badminton posts that adjusted in height. The main issue is that while the problem may exist, it's not widespread enough to make a mainstream product for. I wonder what the minimum age is, we have a Lincoln and district panel apparently.

I doubt there is a minimum age, especially since recruiting you now gets them decades of support, even if it is interrupted by things like university, marriage, children and what-not.