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UMP-45 K'NEX gun review Answered

This gun has found its way into the favorites of many members. This review should answer the question: Should I build it?


Power: 10 out of 10 Why? It went through paper at 5 feet, got stuck in cardboard at about 5.
Looks: 9 out of 10 Why? Looks EXACTLY like a UMP-45. Well, with the wire stock, it does.
Ergonomics: 7.5 out of 10 Why? Feels...odd to hold.
Innovative...ness: 9 out of 10 Why? Pretty much everything is new, but...y'know.
Accuracy/Sights: 8.5 out of 10 Why? New sights! They...are...awesome. But, the 'bullet' veers. Oh, WELL.
Magazine: 8.7 out of 10 Why? Well, it's good for the most part. Never ever jams. But if you press directly in on the mag switch(the white rod) it messes it all up. So you have to push down and in. It's also not a very good connection; a few bumps will break it off, turning the magazine into a shotgun shell, loaded with gray shot.
NEW! Rail system: 7.5 out of 10 Why? The connections go AROUND the connectors, not in them. So that makes it kinda flimsy.
Piece consumption: 7.5 out of 10 Why? This doesn't use TOO too(I meant to have 2 toos) many of your pieces, but you might not be able to build anything too big for a little while.
Stocks:(We'll examine BOTH stocks.) WIRE STOCK: 9 out of 10 Why? Looks better, but kinda flimsy. Not REALLY, though. FULL STOCK: 9.5 out of 10 Why? Sacrifices looks for strength.
"Toy" parts(the charging handle was the only one I could really find)7 out of 10 Why? So...FUN!! to just slide back and forth. Pointless, but cool to have. Like a laser cannon.
War Weapon: 9.5 out of 10 Why? Let's just say it'll have 'em beat. If they've already built this, they'll probably run out of sheer terror like bunnies. (?)

Overall: 9.3 out of 10. Why? Do you really need a Why? for this?

Great gun. I recommend it to any H&K(drools) fans, or if you just want something cool.
TheDunkis scores again.




9 years ago

"Power: 10 out of 10 Why? It went through paper at 5 feet." Umm, I find this a bit potethic... The H.A.W.C. of Viccie.B1993 shoots trough a paper at 30 feet.

I think its proportional to the amount of knex and the size of the gun.

Well...Does that have a magazine? Does that use a ram?

Hey just wondering would you be willing to review my assault pistol (will be posted on KA) when it's out? It uses a removable open magazine for dark greys with greens and gets a lot more power than the UMP did.

No I I have my own site named K'nexables (KA) and, to increase membership, a few members and I are posting our projects there exclusively.

Awesome thanks. I'll probably have it posted next weekend. I just gotta fix up the magazine so that it's still easy to remove but won't pop our from the force of the mag pusher.

it is. And the assault pistol's purpose was fulfilled with my oodassault pistol.

"Accuracy/Sights: 10 out of 10 Why? New sights! They...are...awesome. But, the 'bullet' veers. Oh, WELL." Um.... if it veers off its not 10/10 dood...

dood can you rate them down a bit? aybe 1 or 2 points but come on it cant b perfect if its not right

Not to say that this isn't a great gun, but people really need to be harsher in these reviews. For instance: NEW! Rail system: 9 out of 10 Why? The connections go AROUND the connectors, not in them. So that makes it kinda flimsy. Surely is it is flimsy (can't say I found it to be so however) it deserves less than a 9/10?

yes i agree, there needs to be some room for improvement.

I think we should just do away with these reviews. They are usually made by (not saying this is the case here) lesser-known members of the community who want to contribute but have the sense not to post a rubbish gun.

Okay, I'll delete this. In a few minutes, though.

You won't like it, but I will. The Storm22 Pistol was the best of the series.

I wouldn't delete it, this is one of the better ones.

Okay, I'll change some stuff around. I was amazed at this gun, so, I guess...I don't know.


9 years ago

What the heck happened to my comment? Anyway, no, you obviously miss the point. I don't care what you think about the gun, no matter how good it is you shouldn't give such a high score.
Since you appear to be too thick to grab that concept, let me explain it a bit clearer: That your grade is lower doesn't mean that you appreciate the gun less. What if you hat rated one of the first K'nex guns a 9.7 like you've rated this one, and you were obliged to use the same method of rating for future guns, how would you grade those that were better then the old gun? You can't give them all a 10 and that's why your rating system is flawed.

he didnt give them 10s, and why the outburst?

I didn't give this a ten! Fine. Dunkis, don't blame this on me, but I will edit this. Okay?

Oh calm down dude. I'm not saying this because it's my gun and I know it probably doesn't deserve this high a rating but c'mon all a review is someone's personal opion. Do people have the right to claim my gun suck? Yeah so why not claim it's one of the best guns ever as long as it's their opion. Is there a tag on DrWeird that says "Official Knex Gun Reviewer- Listen to everything I say because it's true" ? Oh well just get over it. Usually people who get mad at good reviews are those who are jealous and I know you're too good to be jealous of other work so I don't get why you have to be so mad.

I'm, not mad, I'm simply giving some advice in a passive aggresive way. I'm fully aware of subjectivity, but sometimes I just can't get my head around some reviews and I just decided to say something about it this time.

Here would be my own opinion on my own gun using his rating system.

Power: 7/10 Doesn't get full pin length and it uses connectors for ammo but still pretty good.
Looks: 10 out of 10 Why? Looks EXACTLY like a UMP-45. With a wire stock it's OK but I honestly think the solid stock looks realistic if they were to add one.
Ergonomics: 8/10 I found it just fine but it's not perfect. Consider I made and properly angled handle for it.
Innovative...ness: 7/10 I'd say the combination of the new removable magazine style, sights, handle, and basic way to add a rail gives it quite a few things but the only revolutionary thing would be the magazine which will only work for dark greys at this angle.
Accuracy/Sights: 7/10 New sights yes. They utilize mini knex for precision although you'll do just as fine without them. This gun seemed to be decently accurate for me. I'm not sure if it veers off or not but even if it does it will hit the same exact spot every time. I hip fired it (as in without using sights) and would hit the same spot.
Magazine: 9/10 It was perfectly reliable for me. Not one jam in its life time. New removable design without exotics. High cap. for a dark grey. Can be preloded and then unlocked with a button although you had to use it carefully or you'd jam it. It's really not that hard to get used to and is the owners fault if done wrong.
NEW! Rail system: 8 out of 10 Why? Two rails. Top rail is the newer rail. Never said that all the connections had to go around. I found it pretty sturdy. The foregrip never shook around or anything and then I could easily remove and add it without having to concentrate on it.
Piece consumption: 6.5 (how efficient it is) It's a relatively compact weapon although it utilized bendies, minis, and a lot of exotics. The stock takes up quite a few pieces if using the solid. The gun itself is spaced out a little though. I was able to build a couple small things with my amount of pieces while I had this (and the TDSS when it had no stock.
Stocks:(We'll examine BOTH stocks.) Wire 5/10 It did the job alright. It wasn't as flimsy as people though but it did use exotics instead of a solid connection. I managed to give it a good angle. It looked somewhat realistic. Solid 9/10 I honestly think it's one of the best stocks. It looks really realistic to me if the UMP had a full stock version. Just imagine using like an MP5 full stock.
"Toy" parts(the charging handle was the only one I could really find)+3 (I don't really think they should count towards the rating just help it.)
War Weapon: 7/10 You could use it but I would make it more compact first.

That's about what I would say. People need to stop worrying about offending others and say what they really think.

looks fair enough.

I made a bitchin' sight for this with actual crosshairs.

Lol two reviews hurray!! Thanks man. Yeah I added my own aperture/ crosshairs too with a small mod. The only problem is that the reason I have it is because I took the main attachment apart from and airsoft accessory as the plastic piece that has the crosshairs is far left in the holder so I have to line up the intersection of the inside circle and the horizontal line in order to aim properly. The stocks are free to be swapped around. The solid requires some instructions and the wire really doesn't so...yeah. The foregrip attachment is just that- an attachment so it's optional not required. Some UMPs use them and some don't. Yeah if the bullet veers then I wouldn't give it 10/10 although. The connection for the foregrip was made to be easy to attach and take off and it should stay solid if you hold it right. The magazine button I think I may have forgotten to mention how to use it but yeah you need to push up on it for it to work right but if you push up with enough force and push in fast enough it shouldn't be a problem. See if something could be made better though. Thanks again!

-Sure. -A pic of your sight? -Yeah, I like the wire better. -I know, but the foregrip is cool. -Well, veering is unavoidable. That's like giving any K'Nex gun 9/10 because it's made of K'Nex. -Yeah, that's what I do. -Sure, no problem.

I made this and it was awesome except it looks like a MP5k if it doesn't have a stock and looks more like a UMP-45 without the fore grip but thats just my opinion. Fantastic gun, gonna keep this alive for a long time!

i took mine apart as it sucked and required major modding

Yeeeeeeeeees! (MS quote) LOL Join the crew! You have great taste in TV; ATHF, Hogan's Heroes... If you make an Aqua Teen group, I will most definitely join. I am too lazy.