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UMP 45 review Answered

Cheers to TheDunkis for posting this amazing UMP 45. Here is mine, in (almost) all mettalic pieces. I did change some things on the gun, all for different reasons.

Change #1 - Bottom rail. Only so the foregrip could be stronger.
#2 - Front sight. I do not have any mini pieces like TheDunkis.
#3 - I used CuddesMcT's magazine with an internal mag pusher.
#4 - Trigger guard. TheDunkis's trigger guard was very wobbly so i made my own with a bendy blue rod and a broken green connector.
#5 - Rear sight. Once again, I do not have any mini K'nex pieces.
#6 - Ramrod. I found the ramrod hard to pull back and tough to get to so i swapped it with one of my own. Notice that I also removed the top of the stock, for the same reason. I added multiple yellow connectors to where the ramrod ends, which are only neccesary for use with my ramrod.
#7 - Handle. The handle was wobbly, which TheDunkis does state in his instructable, so I rigged it so that the handle connects to the stock.

Overall, this is a wonderful gun which is very realistic, except for the full stock which is not true to the UMP 45. I am not going to say specific stats, but the range was good, power okay, and accuracy good.

Click here for the link to his instructable.


Thanks for the credit on the mag :D

Hey can you build the new version of this gun? I want to build it but i cant im not that good...

He hasnt posted up the pictures though.


scroll down the comments and he posted 2 pictures. I cant build stuff from so few pictures.

its a bit too little for me too. sorry

Yuppp!!! I wouldn't take credit for your mag. In fact, I'm gonna tag you on this.

Awesome thanks. Try out the updated one if you can and tell me how you like that one. I'm probably going to rebuild it again seeing how I don't have time to knex anymore but still want something to fool with. See if you can add a better stock for me and post it, that'd be nice.

Did you post the new version? Or is your forum all you got?

Anyways your welcome, and i dont think I could build the new version with those 2 pics you posted sorry.

Hmm, no problem. I just rebuilt the newer version and, while fun, it's still a little too crudely built to be posted I realize.

Ok.....*sob sniff sob* I was looking forward to building the new version... Darnit

Well if someone else wants to post it for me, they can. I updated the new one a little bit. I'll post better pictures of it when I get the chance.

Awesome, I really want to build the new version.