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UMP-45 Answered

Alright I'm going to act noobish today by mentioning a gun I made without posting a picture =P Sorry I was planning on taking a few but I found out the camera was completely out of battery and I can't find the charger! I'll make sure to get one by tomorrow or hopefully later tonight.

Anyways I finally made another replica while the XM8 is waiting to be finished. I always planned on making a UMP but never got to it until now. I figured I had to keep up with trauts. I guess you could call this the Tommy equivalent. I'm not completely finished yet as I ran out of green rods.

It features a bottom rail for a fore handle attachment and a top rail for custom sights. My favorite part though is the slanted, removable magazine for grey connectors. You can preload magazines to make reloading the gun fast. Then you just push in and pull back out a part on the gun to unlock the magazine. Sorry it doesn't have a folding stock and I don't have plans for making one. Someone else could try.

Alrighty I grabbed a couple pictures quickly. It's not finished yet but how is it so far? I'm going to add a better handle and fix up the stock along with giving it a proper rear sight and lengthening the magazine. Check the simple removable magazine. Nothing complex just fitting pieces together in such a way that worked perfectly for the situation.

Edit: Mkay I took a picture of the updated version. All of the updates include an extended magazine, slightly changed muzzle to give it a more rounder appearance, new sites (utilizes mini knex for precision), a fake charging handle, full stock, and finally a new handle and trigger guard. I still don't care for them so I'll change them before it's posted. It turns out that I'm not half bad at making stocks after all lol.


Alright I'm getting bored with the UMP-45u so does anyone have any good small replica ideas? I'm thinking about a Max 11 or MP7 but I open for anything as long as it's relatively compact. Most of my other pieces are in my assault pistol so I can make anything as big as the UMP.

I might take on the challenge of an MP7 later but for now I'm just going to make a micro uzi with a removable clip and hopefully a trigger behind the magazine.

I LOVE the MP7! please make (lol even though im a year and a half late)

Scratch that. I'm in one of my super building moods where I just have to make something new and really cool so I may be switching ideas for awhile. My current idea which I'm going all the way through with unless I fail is a repeating shot gun with shells. Yup, not just a repeating shot gun and not a single shot shell but a repeater with shells. Sorry it won't be pump action and I will never bother giving it PA(neither realstic loading nor just recocking) but it will use a magazine. The shells are relatively small and can store up to six 6 green rods. The bummer is that the magazine will most likely only store 1/5 the amount of ammo compared to a blue rod magazine of the same size although you could probably make it more efficient by cutting pieces. I need some suggestions though. Should I make it like pistol sized or like small SMG sized? Also what other basic features should I include?

Grr alright well I couldn't get a magazine working. The parts are just too big to make an effective feed system for individual shells. I'm still determined to use the shells for a repeating shot gun so I'm going to make a clip of sorts by connecting the shells together. Then they'll probably go through the gun side ways firing off like an old typewriter.

Lol alright I'm done talking to myself now. Hit after hit my hopes keep getting crushed. I fianlly did get a design done but it's a single shot. It's the size of a large pistol. Luckily even though it's single shot you can still swapu out shells fairly quickly. I'll see if I can grab pictures a long with my assault pistol in a little bit.

i have made a shell ejecting ast rifle with removable stock. it is a beast, and i will post pictures up today, and a video. it is probably my most peice consuming gun i have ever made. it is a BEAST

Hmm that actually sounds reasonable. Well I already made a shot pistol and if I don't have anything better to make after that then I think I'll try an AK-74u.


8 years ago

I would have to say that the H&K ump 45. is my fav. gun, and that is quite the model. (I like it better without the stock.)

well im sorry i couldnt find the instructions but when i looked up knex ump 45 i only got 3 links and the were just reviews.... NOOB!

Wasn't there a link to the instructions in the reviews?

ive seen a lot of reviews for this gun but cant find instructions. please help.

In what context? Was I the one pwning or getting pwned?

*sigh* alright I finished the instructable. I figured I might as well post the gun tonight to celebrate my 30th (well 31st but it was 29 subscribers last time I checked) and so I can start on a new mech. I'm trying to decide between a single shot power gun that looks cool (I made it before the UMP but didn't have the patience to grab a picture before starting on something else), my perfect repeater idea, or something else.

Alright I decided to make my single shot again. I'll hopefully grab a picture tomorrow and see if it's worth posting. It uses a new sighting system where if both sights are down it makes for more precise aiming while if they're up they are just easier to use allowing for one to choose how they want to aim. It also uses a new bullet lock technique for flat barrels. It just overall looks cool in my opinion so I'm hoping those three things will make it post worthy. I guess no matter what seeing how single shots are going to be the main weapon in knex wars I'd have no choice but to carry this with me a long with any other of my repeaters just so I can fall back on it in case repeaters truly don't have the ability to compete.

I have an idea for a loading mech where you push a lever forwards to load the bullet, (NOT BOLT ACTION), lol. Would be difficult, but very safe, and sorta innovative, and I made a locking mech for flat barreled slings, I'll let you know if it was similar lol.

i like the updated version heaps. xD and is it your 30th birthday?? or your 30th instructable?? or your 30th month on ibles?? or your 30th subscriber. i have 9 subscribers

Oh yeah sorry I left it hanging at just 30th. Well yeah it can be implied that I meant subscribers. Now I know that I don't have the most but for a knexer and only knex instructables I find that quite a lot.

well.... i have 9.... i have been on since the 30th october


Alright my tiny pistol thing is posted. You can fool around with that until I'm able to get this gun posted.

Does that mean you've started the instructable for the UMP?

people if you want something to be different let thedunkis post the gun then you change it to how you want it thedunkis wont be able to please every one!!!

If you ask me i think it kind of looks like an ak-74 (i said kind of). The old knex ump-45 looks more like an ump. By the way it looks nice

the stock is solid.. it needs to be hallow in the middle and front...

Will I ever win with you people?! I made a similar stock and everyone complains and wants me to make a full stock. I make a full stock and you guys want the old one. This is what makes me tired of knex...I'm quitting for a little while soon enough.

can you post this master piece before please and dont say it isnt because i think its the best gun youve built

I will be posting this and I'll be posting the STMG but as soon as I do I won't be showing up for a little while. I'll get started on the W2000 or maybe my perfect repeater mech but I don't think I'll show anyone until I'm not so stressed.