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I've tried to you nicely, more than once! I wanted a different site and didn't realize I was being sent to yours, my mistake, I admit. PLEEEEEEEESE UNSUBSCRIBE ME IMMEDIATELY! I don't CARE if it's free to stay subscribed. I am entitled to the freedom as a potential customer (ha!) to subscribe/unsubscribe at will! This was a mistake! And now I'm really cheezed off, so cut me loose, PLEEEEEEEEEZE! Thank you (if you do!).


POOF! Be gone!

I wonder if she knew she could just turn off the email notifications and never be bothered again....

When you get that "cheezed off" you don't want ANY record that you were ever there.

Yeah, I'd be "cheezed off" too, if some random site created an unwanted user ID for me, just because I went to the site, filled out the membership form and verified that I wanted a user account. The nerve of some people. There oughtta be a law.

It's a real shame that people answering your question in answers doesn't send you an email notification. That'd be irony I'd love.

The confirmation you received when you subscribed should have told you to send e-mail to service(at)instructables.com. Send a message to that address from the same e-mail account you used to subscribe.