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UPS battery ~ Help plz? Answered

Help Needed!

The 12v 7ah battery of my 500va UPS is very weak now & I have once 12v 40ah tubular battery and a solar charger for the same!
So i am thinking of connecting this one to my UPS.
My question is,
Is there any problem in connecting this battery to my UPS ?


guys, thanks for the reply As batteries are not of the same type....means one is sealed and other is not... I quit my plans..

As long as they're the same sort of battery (NiCd, NiMh etc) it shouldn't be a problem. However I'd disconnect the solar charger as this could interfere with the UPS charging circuit.

yes, correct chemistry is key. if you try to use the wrong type it could cause a leak, or worse.

I doubt there would be a problem. Unless having too much time on your hands when the power goes out is a problem. You would want to keep the distance from the battery and the UPS as short as possible, there are high losses with DC