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URGENT need help building a power supply for a 12v winch motor max rating 30A URGENT Answered

im trying to build a power supply for a parts tumbler ive been working on (instructible coming soon!) ive been using a battery charger to run it right now but it doesnt have enough power, i would need something that can output 12v about 30A max ( thats the value of the fuse the motor uses) im trying to mod a computer power supply right now but i dont think that this will be enough either, i want to build something from the ground up designed for this purpose that would cost max 30 bucks or is there anything else i could adapt? ive searched everywhere but only power supplies i can find plans for or any advice are either bench top ones for electronic projects (5v), any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out


Try a 12V Halogen lamp driver - the largest you can lay your hands on.. A DC motor looks like a short circuit until it is spinning, and the supply is unlikely to appreciate it.

Alternative, big power supplies are not going to be easy to find, for your budget.

At this kind of power level, a mains motor, with some belts, is probably cost effective.


the reason im using a motor that used to be an atv winch is bc its already geared down and has lots of torque could i possibly wire up a couple of those battery chargers in parallel to get more power out of them they would still be at 12V but each would supply about 10A of current, right now im using a charger inline with a battery but as soon as the battery discharges a little it dies down, i need something that would have an output of an alternator that i could hook up to the wall outlet, i will give the lamp power supply a try if i can find one today and im also gonna finish the computer one so i can test it and see what kind of results i will get
thanks a lot for your help

The computer power supply should work, but as steveastrouk said, I don't think the winch motor would like the continuous load, I would look for an AC gearmotor, check by your local junkyard, they might have some, Check in things with turntables they usually have gearmotors.

Not sure how the winch motor will like being run continuously.