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URLs in newsletter for non-HTML readers Answered

Hi, just thought you would like to know ...

I receive the frequent Instructables newsletters.  However, I read mail in "mutt", a terminal-based text-only email program.  If I want to follow a link in a message, I cut-and-paste it from the terminal to a browser.

The URLs in the Instructables newsletters are ludicrously long, which makes them a chore to cut-and-paste.  One I wanted to access today was 740 characters.  I don't know of any compelling reasons for a URL to be that long.  (I'm sure there are "reasons", I just suspect the same goals could be accomplished with URLs less than 100 characters long).

I'm sure I'm in the extreme minority here, so I don't expect anyone to rush to fix this, but just thought you would like to know at least one newsletter recipient almost never follows the links it contains.

Sorry if this was not the appropriate place to post this.  A quick scan of the site did not turn up a "feedback to Instructables" option.





3 years ago

I do a lot of work remotely through SSH, from many different systems (e.g. while visiting customers sites, etc.) so mutt is a consistent and fast method of using email, and nullifies a lot of the risks of browser-based email (e.g. phish messages tend to look much less like legitimate messages in the terminal where I can see what the URLs are).

I browse with chrome or FF or whatever is handy. When needed, I generally cut and paste URLs from email to the browser. That's usually quick and easy.



3 years ago

Is there a special reason to use a terminal based email client?
How do you browse the internet and/or instructables? With Lynx or wget?


3 years ago

Hey there, thanks for the feedback! This is a fine place to post something like this. (For similar questions or feedback, you can email us directly at service@instructables.com.)

I've passed this post on to our Editorial Team that puts together the newsletters, as well as the site's engineers to take a closer look.