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USB Cam to Coaxial? Answered

I have several old USB webcams and it seems the you can get them pretty cheaply now. I would like to hook them up to old school CCTV monitors with coaxial connectors. I don't know if it's possible. I was wondering if I could cut the USB cable off and add a coaxial cable and connector. If so, how. I know I'm going to need a separate power supply but I don't know how many volts, if it should be DC or AC, and where to hook this supply up to.


if you can get the cams to work with an old computer all you would need is a video card with a tv out or you can use the cams to make a. a stop motion lego movie b. do a multi touch instuctable

. I doubt it will work. The cam puts out a digital signal (to the USB port) and the CCTV monitor is probably expecting an analog signal.
. USB uses 5VDC. This will show you which wire is which.

PS: Don't depend on the wire colors. Use the position on the USB connector.