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USB Hub with Keyswitch (Keep your data safe) Answered

I was wondering if anybody could help me with this. I was thinking of getting a USB hub (http://www.thinkgeek.com/computing/usb-gadgets/93ad/) and connecting 4 USB flash drives to it and then sticking it in a project box with a keyswitch to activate and de-activate the drives and also put a LED to show weather they're on or not.

I'm sorry if that doesnt make that much sense, its hard to explain but if you understood it my question is:
Could you show me how to wire the USB to the switch and LED?



.  Switch the USB 5V coming into your box. Use a dropping resistor to limit current to your LED (attached to the switched side of your 5V).

Is there any chance you could just draw up a quick diagram? I'm not too sure what you mean. Thanks.

.  No diagram, but maybe I can explain it.
.  Cut off the female end of a USB extension cord.
.  Using a strain relief or grommet, run the cut end inside the box.
.  Parallel the data lines to each device in the box.
.  Run the 5V from the cable to a switch.
.  Run the switched side to each device and the LED + resistor.

Are you saying I should cut the 5V wire in the USB, and use that for the switch and LED, and leave the other wires alone? If so, how do I find out which wire is the 5v?

.  That's very close to what I am saying. See pinouts.ru for info on which wire is which.

You lock them in a box, so they can't be accessed, except by the USB cable and key-switch that?
Router-power like Nacho' suggests is probably easiest, but think about filling the box with resin so you really can't get at them again...