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USB Interface Problems Answered

I recently purchased a SparkFun iPod Breakout board http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8295
I am currently trying to attach it to my computer via USB. I got a usb socket, and linked it up to the breakout, but when I plugged it into my computer the iPod begins to charge, but does not recognize it is connected to the computer. I have got the USB + to 32, USB GND to 16, USB D+ to 27 and USB D- to 25. I have checked all the connections, which are fine. I have even attached another USB cable to it (which I know works) and the same thing happens! In desperation I switched the data wires, but exactly the same thin The iPod works as normal with its original cord
The weird thing is that when I reboot the computer, the iPod recognizes the computer and goes into the 'Do Not Disconnect' screen, but as soon as the computer leaves the bios it goes back to charging.

Any elite instructable members got any ideas?



Hmmm. Have you tried a different usb port? Sometimes one just dosen't like a certain device, but it will work on another. Have you tried more than one computer? You could always try the ones at the library, at mine they don't care if you plug stuff in. I sounds like it could have something to do with your drivers...I don't have an ipod but have had similar problems with mp3 players. I would try it with a different computer, usb port and ipod. Let me know.

Yeah, I have tried a different USB port and a different computer. I dont think it is a drivers thing, because it works fine with the proper iPod cable, and in both linux and windows nothing happens. I would try it with another iPod, but my old one broke and I dont have another. I will try to get one though. Thanks anyway.

Well, I hate to leave it at that...perhaps you received a faulty cable? Oh! I just had a thought. This may be stupid, but since it works while at the bios screen, why not try it in safe mode? You're probably not supposed to have stuff like that connected in safe mode, but it might work...

I tried it in safe mode, and it still didn't work! (good idea though) I dont think it is the cable that is at fault, as I cannabalised an old USB mouse and tried that cable, with the same problem. I think that the problem is with the iPod, or the dock pinout.

Ah. Well, sorry, but I don't think I can do anything else to help...hope you get it fixed. If I think of anything else to try I'll let you know!