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USB cable with On/off Switch Answered

Anyone know how to make USB cable with On/off Switch, not just to off the power, but to completely switch off the data flowing on a usb cable.  Thanks!


.  A 4PST switch will do the trick.

Thanks so much for the info. Did a search on the switch.  There are 6 poles on a 4PST switch, but there are 6 wires in a usb cables. 2 of the wires are for power. Can't seems to figure how to share the 6 wires with 6 poles instead of 12 on a 4PST switch. Is there a  4PST switch with 12 poles? Can you help me with a link? Many thanks!

.  Only the black, white, red, and green are used. The others are shields. The left-most white "wire" in your pic looks like a strengthening string to me.
> there are only 3 poles on each side = 6 on the  4PST switch.
.  I don't understand. A 4PxT switch will handle 4 lines (hence 4-pole in the name).
> Is there a 8 poles switch or even 12?
.  Yes. Try looking at Radio Shack or other electronic parts store.

Roger that. So i only need to connect the black, white, red, and green to a 4PxT switch will handle 4 lines (hence 4-pole in the name). Thanks for the tips. Really appreciate it!