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USB duplicator burns 60 thumbdrives at once Answered

This box can do its job quickly, finishing up a rack of 1GB drives in 2 minutes. It can even discretely encrypt each one with its own unique key. It costs $8,000, and they're developing a system to link up hundreds of these units, so that one may copy data to arbitrarily-large numbers of USB drives at once. Would love to make this myself. Anyone want to collaborate?


Isn't it just a bunch of usb hubs linked to eachother You could just right a batch file to make it automatic, right? If you were to hook up some power tranisistors to the output of a usb port couldn't you write to a ton of usb sticks with the exact same thing

no. you need software to copy the data on the master drive to all the other drives.

oh, I thought it was all hooked up to a computer, not a master usb stick

imagine if a fault occurs and it messes up the usb keys! 60 thumbdrives down the drain at one ! that would be one bad day

Nice idea for whatever really wierd reason people use it for, umm powered hubs, all modified to send a copy of the data along with them, the computer would think you've just brunt on drive... It could be done by some confusing circuit aswell, no doubt about that...

I would assume that it would be right up the alley for smaller time bands or whatnot to burn a number of free songs to give out at concerts, or for companies at a demo to give out demo software or something.

Yeah alot of universities give out packs including flash drives and MP3 players with course stuff on them.

Being able to do 60 at a time would really cut down on costs and the duplicator would pay for itself.

Yeah, though a homemade one could be built, I'm sure it's possible to make one of these based on the realatively simple tech of a CD duplicator...


10 years ago

Seems a bit pointless; way past the point where it takes longer to load/unload than to program the set. You can probably get close to the same per-hour rate with a normal PC and a couple of USB hubs. And $8000 would buy an awful lot of minimum wage high-school-student labor swapping drives... What you really want (if you need massive numbers of duplicates) is some form of machine-feedable drive/socket. (and you'd better check the USB socket spec for allowed number of insertion/removal cycles...)

A simple solution of a cap like device the drives all slot in to, you just lump the next cap on, however somehwere down the line that needs loaded, immigrant worker anyone?