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USB powered LED with Program? Answered

How would i make it so theres a program to turn a led on and off via usb, i already stripped the usb cable to get red, black, white, and green wires, i know vb6, so i can write it in there.

Help very much appreciated, been using google, and cant find it.


i dont have pic micro controller.


You may be able to manage this with vbs, but what you're asking is not a simple easy job


You need a chip that can handle USB. You cannot switch anything with USB without it.

The FTDI FT232 chip would work fine.

Then you use the program to turn the DTR and CTS signals on/off.


To speak USB you need a chip that talks to the computer and interprets serial commands to be a second brain. You might be able to convince the computer to switch the power to the usb port on and off - - but you'd need to be in linux for that kind of port access, since windows doesnt let you touch anything on a hardware level any more. Long story short -- it can be done, but you need a micro-controller. I recommend reading up on www.arduino.cc