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USB shocking me Answered

On my sisters computer i was trying to put some games on my cell phone and i noticed it was shocking me through the metal pieces, my niece said the same thing when she was downloading pictures from her camera. does anybody know why its doing that, it feels like im handling them "shocking" novelty pens at the gas station. i measured the voltage and got a reading of ~4.75 v



11 years ago


frank is correct that your USB port is not the cause of your shocks. A USB port supplies about 5 volts as well as the serial data. Your shocks are caused by improper grounding of the computer causing the case to be delivering some current. The fist thing to check is your mains line. If there is power between the ground line and a water pipe (a known source of true ground) or an unusually high voltage between the neutral line and ground, then you have a problem with your home wiring. If this is not the case, you may need to replace the power supply on your computer.

thanks for the tip on grounding. someone had "removed" the 3rd prong (USA plugs) off the power strip cord, that was then pluged into a short extension that lacked the 3rd prong.

usb is universal serial bus, serial means a stream of 1 and 0, on and off shocking toys have a relay inside that turns on and off repeatedly, giving you the shock that should explain it

5v will not deliver enough current to shock you. It has nothing to do with the USB