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USB thumbdrive "usb device not recognised"? Answered

my lexar 8gb thumbdrive sometimes works and some times it says usb device not recognised
i am using windows 7 enterprise if that helps



Best Answer 6 years ago

Keep in mind that USB drives can go totally bad with no warning and at any time. People tend to think of them as forever and indestructible, but they are not.
Test it in a different port and even a different computer. If it is still messing up and there is still a warranty make plans to send it back.
Computer USB ports do go bad but not nearly as often as the stuff that gets plugged into them. ALWAYS back up your stuff that is on a USB drive. Microsoft even makes a little utility program for making an image of them.

Do you safely remove your flash drive before you pull it out? If not, then you might need to reload your motherboard drivers. If you do, then your drive is probably going bad. I have a lexar that went bad... and it went bad before most other brands did... so I'm not to happy with lexar.

i didn't safley remove it but since it first glitched i do

After enough times of not safely removing your hardware, a USB port can stop working. You should try it on another computer and see if it does the same thing. If it doesn't do the same thing on another computer, then 1. Reload your motherboard drivers. 2. Flash your BIOS. 3. Update the driver for your USB drive.

If it does the same thing on another computer, or none of the above works, I would say that you have a bad flash drive. Everything Vyger said is true... and like I said, lexar seems to go bad before any other brand.

Good luck!