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USB to ps/2 keyboard adapter Answered

I gather that computers that only have ps/2 sockets (no usb connectors) cannot simply use a basic adapter for plugging in a usb keyboard. I have never tried.

Would it be possible to create an adapter to allow a usb keyboard to be used with such a pre-usb computer ?

I found one arduino project that converted ps/2 to usb and I imagine that to be more difficult.


I found the discontinued Startech PS22USB but this doesn't sound like it would work with a wireless combo and is likely to be difficult to get hold of.

The USB to to PS2 adapters will not support wireless USB. The keyboard/mouse combos will only work with some adapters (they will usually have two PS2 connectors, green (mouse) and purple (keyboard)).

This is why I wanted to find a way to use a wireless keyboard with a ps/2 computer that does not support usb.

Perhaps using bluetooth would make things easier ?

Use an Arduino as a bluetooth receiver that is plugged in to the ps/2 keyboard and mouse ports of the computer.

These do work in a lot of cases, but some of the newer USB keyboards and mice won't work with these and require an active adapter/converter.

Well, if someone still needs PS2 then for gods sake it would make too much sense to use a simple and cheap keyboard/mouse instead of trying to make the latest gaming keyboard work....