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USB wiring question, How do i fix my Keyboard? Answered

I have a USB Keyboard that for one day for some reason i cut the end off, i lost the uactual usb connector and some wires, problem is now that I noticed it has 5 wires! Some one plz help plz hahaha I really want to se my keyboard again



Best Answer 9 years ago

- USB Pin Layout diagram

- USB Connection pin layout

Pin No. Signal Cable Color
1 + VCC Red
2 Data - White
3 Data + Green
4 GND Black

PC Cable Length Limitation - How long?
The USB specification limits the cable length of a cable between full speed devices to
16 feet, 4.8 inches (5.0 meters). For low speed devices, the computer cable limit is 9 feet, 10 inches
(3.0 meters).

Admittedly Jacked from... http://interface.centraltreasure.com/pc-interface-knowledge/usbwiringdiagram/

 i had the same problem lol but i wanted to see if u can make that purple end into a usb but i lost the purple piece but the wires were different color from the usb cable so idk what to do now

You cut the USB connector off your keyboard and lost it?

yes haha i know, it's kind of rediculous. haha thanks for the reply i guess

colors in many of those devices are not standard. same color may do different stuff in different devices (there is standard for the colors but most manufacturers ignore it) open the keyboard (warning ! dont let the caps that are under the keys spill and scatter across your room - in some keyboards they are not connected in a grid) and identify the + - wires (they should have electrolytic capacitor between them. you can also use its direction to determine which is + -) identify + - in the plug and use led and battery to identify the + - wires (when you look into usb socket in the back of a standard pc (plastic tab inside is on the right) the top entry is + and the bottom is -. the plug is same and not mirror) now that we are sure about + - just try both combinations of the data wires

Hey thanks for the reply! this may help i really really appreciate it.


9 years ago

Easy. Get a sacrificial USB cable cut it off and splice the color coded wires together. The 5th should be a ground or housing wire without a cover. "I am sorry Dave, I can not do that"

Wow! Thanks very very much for replying so quick, I'll get wurkin on it tonight!