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USED TREADMILL BELTS - any good uses for them? Answered

I fix gym equipment, so I throw away quite a few used treadmill belts. some of them are in good shape but just got too dirty to be useful anymore (friction problems).  seems a shame to throw out all that plastic, surely there are some good uses...can anyone think of some?  I just installed 8 today and hauled away the old ones.

In the past i have screwed them to the bottom edge of garage & bay doors to act as an extra weather seal - helps prevent the cold air from rushing in those air gaps.

the belts have a pvc topcoat and textile/woven fiber bottom. I wonder if any recyclers would take them...i hate dumping stuff in landfill.

Wasnt sure where to post - resources, free stuff, Green....they would all apply really...


Contact David at Banausic Designs (email: bikepartist@yahoo.com) about discounts on finished products in exchange for your used treadmill belts.


Wow, that is some really creative use of treadmill belting. Im doubtful it would be worth the cost of shipping, you could get a steady stream of used belts from local fitness repair shops likely.

I found a great use for them in my yard as a weed barrier underneath driveways and rock areas...

Thank you for the compliment.
I actually do get most of my belt supply from a fitness repair service. I'm always looking to reach out to a wider audience. The shipping cost is a bit of a hurdle but not impossible to overcome. That is, assuming it is in the continental US.

I'm in Canada, so yeah the shipping would be more....

I am also interested in your used treadmill belts. How can I contact you for shipping or pickup?

I am also interested in your used treadmill belts. How can I contact you for shipping or pickup?

I am also interested in your used treadmill belts. How can I contact you for shipping or pickup?

I am also interested in your used treadmill belts. How can I contact you for shipping or pickup?

the used belts are actually worn smooth - slippery if anything. I decided to use them as geotextile fabric to prevent weeds and as a base layer under some landcaping rock...

Are you still working with these? I'm workin on a farm which has a ramp that's a bit slick. Something to apply to that ramp for better traction would be nice.

you might be able to sell them here! http://www.partsfortreadmill.com/

This is my first time to ever do this, so I am not sure if this e-mail will be going to the right place. I was reading about the guy that throws away all the treadmill belts, and he does not know what to do with them. Well, I need about 12 of them right away!!. I am building a home made roof tile conveyor belt. ( To get the tile up on the roof. ) Please, e-mail me so I get them on the way........ Thanks for the great forum, Daryl betday@gmail.com


WOW, how fast was that!!!!! I did not think I would really hear from anybody.... lol. Where are you located, and how much are they? No, I do not know how to stitch them together, is that something you know how to do? Let me know the best time to call you after "Turkey Day" and I will call and get all the information.

Thank you for the e-mail.. Daryl,

phone is not convenient for me....email is best..

no charge for the belts you can have em...

I dont know how to stitch them. try youtube....an industrial sewing machine might be able to pierce through. otherwise the conveyer belt industry uses special tools....likely not worth investing in for what you want to do...

Boat carpet. Scratching posts for cats

It can be cut and glued on top of and around wood boxes (or cajón) as stool for children or an ottoman. I have seen these wheels with springs that allow these boxes to roll around and as soon someone steps on the box the wheels retract so anyone steps on the box/stool safely.

Edie and the Cajon Drumming Class

"Kick stools" - kick it to where you need it, then stand or sit on it.

Thank you! I know I have seen those before but I didn't know the name.

Use them for tool box bottom liners.
They might also make good stair treads for some place like
cellar stairs.

Put them up on e-bay and/pr Craiges list. Why throw them out when there are many uses for a strong mat/belt like that. You have way more than you could make use of i'm sure.

As Kiteman said door mats are a great option. Also use strips along the bottom edge of a drafty door. While they don't work well on a treadmill anymore they can still be used as belts. I'm sure people can find all sorts of projects where this can be used as a good belt. Wouldn't mind getting some strips of it to keep in my car as an emergency serpentine belt replacement. Just a matter of getting some heavy gauge wire to fasten the ends together to make a sturdy belt the size i need for my car. Probably wouldn't last long but could probably get you off the interstate and too a mechanic. Could be useful treads for plastic robot wheels. Might even make a good tank tread for a robot. Can be used along walls and corners to help protect from bumps and scratches.

You could cut them up to make door mats?