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USMC Sniper? Answered

ive been wanting to join the Mariane Corps lately like my Dad did ( he gat to rank CPT. but i want to be a sniper in the USMC. i have great aim in mine and my dads oppinion, but how long do i serve before i could retire, and alos after i retire could i still be NCIS agent



Best Answer 8 years ago

Having a good aim is one of the least important things in being a USMC sniper.  They can teach almost anybody to shoot expert.

A sniper needs patience to lay in the cold water with snakes crawling over him and bugs biting him and the enemy walking all around him for 48 hours waiting to just see the target to get off a shot.  You have to be able to murder someone who is probably not trying to kill you.  You have to be able to keep your cool so you can get in and get out alive.

Go to the USMC site and they will have the answers to your questions there, or you could just go and talk to a recruiter.