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USMC Vertical Marathon - 24th April 2010 - UPDATED - we did it Answered

This may be of interest to some of you that climb and walk or love being outdoors.

I'm a member of the University of Surrey Mountaineering Club. On April 24th we are planning to have our second ever Vertical Marathon, a charity event during which between 30-50 of us we will attempt to climb just over 26 miles.... UP!

The event will be held at the newly opened Surrey Sports Park climbing wall where we will each have to climb about 80 of the 10m routes.

We are raising money for the Mountain Rescue Council (MRC). In 2007 we raised £3995. This year we're aiming to hit £5000. The MRC was chosen because of the Club’s regular trips to mountainous areas and the USMC's recognition of the vital role fulfilled by the Mountain Rescue teams. It is hoped that the Vertical Marathon 2010 and similar challenges will encourage newcomers to the sport, raise awareness for the Mountain Rescue Council involved and put a smile on people’s faces.

The MRC do a LOT of great work with very little funds, and not just for climbers. If you'd like to sponsor us, our just giving page is here. If you'd like to read a little more about how the money would be spent first, here is the MRC's page on how donations are spent.

Thanks. Wish me/us luck!


Awesome job! A friend of mine almost lives for rock climbing, I dare not tell her or she'd be jealous!

We did it! We climbed 26.22 miles (a marathon) and an extra 2 miles. In 8 hours. Currently collected £4000 for mountain rescue but should reach our goal of £5000 once all the sponsorship's in. Woop! I did 1500m. Now verrrrrrrrrry tired. :D


But, ummm...where's the 138,000 foot mountain?

We did it in laps of our sports centre climbing wall. Over 4000 of them between us! And all on overhangs except for 2 routes. ouch

.  LOL  I thought you meant a different USMC when I read the title. Good luck anyway.

 exact same thing came to me... Silly Brits, USMC is for Yankees!

Here's wishing you luck!


Thanks L! Will report back with some photos, how many climbs I do and how much we raise for MRC after the event :D