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UV Filter on a digital camera Answered

I was told by a few people that UV filters are useless on a digital camera. I also listened to the sales guy when I bought a DSLR just recently and he said "No they serve no purpose for the pics with a digital camera, but it adds a layer of protection to the front lens. UV filters are cheap, I bought it based on the salesman's advice. Yesterday it paid for itself .
I was getting ready to take some pics of the neighbors new sports car and he was showing off,  spinning the tires when it happened. The filter just all the sudden shattered. It had to be from a rock, but I could not find one anywhere....

anyway... The camera lens is fine and has a brand new UV filter on.


Wow, I always put one on all my lenses whenever I get them. Now I know they work!

I very rarely use a new lens without getting one of these for it first for this very reason! Good to know the camera's fine :)

I take it off often... It does add a layer of protection. But when I am inside, I do remove it. since I have gotten a little better with this camera I do notice very small but noticeable to me, reflections or something that the pic does not need in it... I keep them on all the time, but when you want to take some pristine photos, take it off.... I use a lens hood as well, but I do notice lens or light flare much more often when I shoot with the UV lens installed...

Yeah, I agree. I definitely get a lot more lens flare when taking shots outside. I really need to invest in that lens hood soon, never got around to it.


5 years ago

Be aware of increased lens flaring in your photographs.

Yoink, thanks for that advice!

You are quite welcome. I'm all for "learning from other peoples mistakes/experience". If this post saves one lens, I will be happy... ;)