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UV Surface Mount LEDs Answered

I am currently modifying an iBook G3 so that, among other things, it will be fluorescent orange. Currently, when the computer sleeps, a white LED illuminates through the casing. Since the casing will now be fluorescent, I would like to replace the white surface mount LED with an ultraviolet one, so that the case will glow as the computer is sleeping. I was wondering if someone could help me out by telling me where I might be able to purchase an ultraviolet surface mount LED? P.S. The image included will be stenciled and mirrored on each side of the apple on the top of the iBook.



10 years ago

Search for "SMT UV" on eBay and you'll find some; buy 50 at a time from China. You might first want to do some experiments with easier-to-obtain LEDs and your particular paint. As LasVegas implies, some fluorescent pigments fluoresce under blue lights as well as UV (in fact, this is how most white LEDs work; Blue-emitting chip and a phosphor that fluoresces yellow from the blue. Blue+yellow = white, sort of.

> this is how most white LEDs work; Blue-emitting chip and a phosphor that fluoresces yellow . I learned something new today! (As opposed to the old stuff I knew at one time, forgot, and learned again.) I always figured it was two (or more) LEDs - phosphor never occurred to me. Makes sense - why fab a 2nd (or 3rd) LED when you can get the balancing light with a little pigment. . Between all us old folk on here, we know a little bit about most everything. LOL

In theory, there are three types of white LEDs. Blue chips with yellow phosphor, UV chips with "white" phosphor, AND the multi-color emitters that you suggest. At the moment, the blue+yellow phosphor LEDs are the leaders in the marketplace in all aspects. Eventually, I'd expect multiple emitters to be the most efficient, since you don't have the "added" loss of phosphor conversion, but I guess modern phosphors are awfully good...

. ROFL More complicated than I would have ever thought. . Got any particularly good links? I'd be kinda interested in just how efficient phosphors (fluorescents?) are and where efficiency concerns (the only real benefit I can see) would make a multi-element design a better choice. Maybe fabbing side-by-side emitters of diff colors is easier than I think. . I'm guessing modern phosphors are VERY efficient. IIRC, the main problems with early phosphors were purity, "uneven" deposition, and variable particle size. All of which I would think would be pretty well solved by now. . If you have some links, you'll be an official member of NachoMahma's "Handy As A Pocket On A Shirt" Club. ;)

LEDs, being directional, wouldn't light up your iBook. It would only light where the current one does. I'd suggest with that color scheme, just a blue LED. It would still look pretty cool. Please post a picture when you're done.

I know it wouldn't light up the whole thing, I just wanted a glowing spot when the computer sleeps.

True Ultra-Violet isn't visible. Stick with blue. It would be brighter and more visible.