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Ubuntu stuck at partitioning? Answered

I have a computer running Windows xp, and I am trying to install Ubuntu Linux on it. I have already tried with an official 9.10 CD, and now am trying with a 10.10 CD I made myself. All this I have done with both 9.10 and 10.10: I boot from the CD, and that works fine, but when I get to the partitioner, my Hard drive doesn't show up. Any tips? Oh, and if you have any questions about the specs on my pc, just ask.


Do you see any partitions at all? Do you just see empty partitions?

Try booting from a live CD into the Ubuntu desktop and running (in the terminal): "fdisk -lu /dev/sdc" without the quotes, and posting the output here. (For the record, I'm referring to advice found in this thread, as your issue sounds similar.)

I can't guarantee I can identify the problem if you post that, but we might be able to get an idea of what's wrong, and it will give you something to post to the Ubuntu forums if more advanced help is needed. 

(Also, have you considered using Wubi to install Ubuntu alongside windows? You don't have to partition your drives at all, and it's much easier - although there's a limit to how large your install can be, which is the tradeoff you make).

I don't see ANY partitions. I tried wubi, but there was some problem, I can't remember what. I'll try wubi again sometime and put the results on here.

Instead of trying to install from live CD,try installing from Wubi. go to Wubi 10.10 and download their installer. It will install Ubuntu onto your XP machine,no worries about partitioning here.If you dont like Ubuntu it can be removed from your XP via your add/remove programs folder.just uninstall it as you would any other program you no longer want.
Good Luck