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Ultimate Knex Contest has been changed... Answered

Alright well this takes too long so I might as well just start it. Instead of entering and making it a contest anyone can nominate a gun that fits the category. Sorry to disappoint anyone if I did. We are still comparing guns...now we're just comparing all of them instead of entries. Alright from now on...no voting for yourself. Put it this way. What weapon from each category would you want to have and use most in a battle? Don't just put pride in your weapons. Also it would be great if you actually built the gun you vote for...don't just make assumptions...well I guess except for best replica. Weapons mentioned Best Side Arm- TheDunkis with the TDS Radioactive with the SPEC-9 Dsman with dsman's Side Arm popomaster with the glock Most Innovative Gun- popomaster with the glock Best Grenade/Explosive TheDunkis with the D model splodies/ DX8 Splody Bomb I_am_Canadian with the War Bomb flames with the F25 Anti-Personnel Grenade Best Replica of Another Weapon- TheDunkis with the AK-74 Katarukito with the Dragunov Best Gun Overall I_am_Canadian with the super cannon dsman with the DD-27 I_am_Canadian and knexgunner12 with their Battle Rifle I entered some of the guns I remembered but if you have other guns you want to vote for and they fit the category then go ahead. Just copy the form and type out the name of both the creator and their weapon under each category. Best Side Arm- Most Innovative- Best Grenade/Explosive- Best Replica- Best Gun Overall-


lol can i enter a gun even though i havnt posted a instructable?

lol can I Drive by myself even though I'm only 15? There are rules buddy...and no matter what you have to follow them.

Remember the old saying; "rules are meant to be broken".

A super late reply but...

You're right! Whats the point in having rules, if you don't break them?!


Uh...following them? What's the point of a rule in the first place? I sure wish every anarchist would be shot for a nice twist of irony.

To be precise; a rule is created to stop or prevent something from happening, usually something likely, and is typically enforceable. They are meant to be both followed and broken and are planned accordingly. If they weren't meant to be broken, then there would be no consequences. The only rules that are never broken are those that are incapable of being broken, such as computer commands (or the rules that govern robots) to which there are no consequences to the offender of the rule. And that is the only instance where rules are not meant to be broken.

It's all out of my head too. XD
Generalizing is kind of a pet peeve of mine, so I tend to tear them apart.

I could never explain something that good XD

no, you can't the judges will only be scoring guns that they can make

Best Side Arm-Jackal v4 DJ Radio
Most Innovative-ZKAR ZAK
Best Grenade/Explosive-
Best Replica- G36c Gtrain
Best Gun Overall- ZKAR

TD blew this taco stand like a year ago lol.

when does judging start

Best Side Arm- Most Innovative- AP4 by Oblivitus Best Grenade/Explosive- Best Replica- AK47 by Oblivitus (not yet released) Best Gun Overall-

you called it an AK-74

You mentioned the wrong name next to the battle rifle. It's silentassasin21, not knexgunner12.

Best Side Arm-Dsman195276 sidearm Most Innovative-popomaster (its the only one on the list i could vote on) Best Grenade/Explosive-I_am_Canadian with war bomb Best Replica-katarikito dragonov Best Gun Overall-I_am_Canadian super special awesome cannon :]

actually no you arn't restricted to guns on the list. You may vote for any gun you feel fits the category.

oh, well i dont know that many other guns that utalized a new system, mainly cuz i havent relaly been doing much on intructables.......can you post some up there that could give me an idea of a innovative gun?

Best sidearm: Dsman195276's sidearm Most innovative: Oodalumps's semi-auto Best Grenade: I_am_canadian with war bomb Best replica: Katarikito w/ dragonov Best Overall: I_am_canadian with my cannon

Best Side Arm-dsman's Side Arm
Most Innovative- DSman with his tank
Best Grenade/Explosive-I_am_Canadian with the War Bomb
Best Replica-DSman with dsmans sniper
Best Gun Overall-I_am_Canadian with the super cannon

sorry about kinda voting for my self on more then half of the categorys...


9 years ago

Best Side Arm- Dsman with dsman's Side Arm Most Innovative- Jollex with the BAS-39v3.5 Best Grenade/Explosive- (your name here) with spoldies Best Replica- Katarukito with the Dragunov Best Gun Overall-Dsman with the DD-27

Best Side Arm-TheDunkis with the TDS Most Innovative-popomaster with the glock Best Grenade/Explosive-I_am_Canadian with the War Bomb Best Replica-TheDunkis with the AK-74 Best Gun Overall-I_am_Canadian with the super cannon great buliding

Huzzah! I have finally added a slide to my TDS! I was worried about how well it would do against dsman's and loosewire's. No offense to the others but these are the ones I consider the best by the list of the perfect knex gun (posted in my TDS instructable if your are curious) Now I can really compete with them. It can use a rod of grey length (like dsman's) but it has a slide (like loosewire's) but it also has a removable auto loader and a nice angled handle that isn't at a 45 degrees (uh...like no one) Sorry I'm not trying to brag but I just fell really proud. :D

i enter my battle rifle its i am canadians thoudh he alowing me to enter it into contests

Well I'm still giving credit to I_am_Canadian as well. So what category? Best overall?

ma carbine is posted. but i have v2 that is like 10 times better lol

This is prettymuch the same as the other forum... you need the got the voting started!

I'm working on the AR-4 commando assault rifle. However, since my camera is crappy, the release date will be hampered

me sniper in best replica

1 guy in most innovative gun by the way, I took apart my sniper rifle because of problems with the hopper. Im making a pistol from an instructable now...

nope, im making a new sniper from scratch

Dangit peoples I need this to start!

OK to cut down on time I'm just going to enter the guns I know are entering.

you can put other peoples instructables in your group...