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Ultimate Marble Run... from wood Answered

I saw this on hackaday and thought I'd post it here for anyone that doesn't follow that site. This is really incredible if you like woodwork and marble run.


Explaining each piece:


i had a big set of these wooden blocks as a kid, mine wernt very fancy but i used other objects and made some myself.
They are very fun to set up and play with  :)

Yea that's pretty good, make a nice noise. The rest of the site is worth looking at, I think I may have been there before.


When I was younger (actually, about five years or so ago), I would create marble runs that ran along the walls of my room.  I would use things like paper, dominoes, gears, wood, or any sort of toy I could find, pin or tape them to the wall, and see how long I could make it.

It started out as a minor distraction on a weekend, and slowly turned into a full blown hobby (as a precursor to instructables).  I wish I had taken video.  Some of them went on for minutes at a time before the ball came to a rest.