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Ultimate nation Answered

What nation is the best in terms of firepower?



Vatican City have God on their side...

ok every nation has god on their side.he gave the devil trillions of people to deal with and my EX-girl friend will be one of them. i wish the devil luck dealing with her.and thats the only thing i wish him luck with

But you can find out fairly easily with a little bit of research how many humans have ever lived on Earth. That provides a trivial upper bound, and is much less than a trillion.

It's impossible for everyone to be in hell, or God wouldn't have made anyone, he main reason he created people is so they can go to heaven. (but a lot are probably still in hell)

Do you know what "upper bound" means? If not, look it up.

A number equal to or greater than any other number in a given set.

I'm still pretty sure more than half of existence would be in heaven.

Why? Do you have evidence to support that? If not, what are your assumptions and inferences which lead to that conclusion?

You only go to hell if lead a really crap life (evil, money, etc.) and unborn get a free pass to heaven.

There technically could be no-one in hell.

You never know how many are in heaven or hell, no-one does. :P

No proof its just what i know.

Surely you've seen the massive volume of trolling...

I love how Iwantbigboom apparently accepted that you knew more authoritatively than she "how many people went to hell." XD Clearly you know something the rest of us dont... ;)

(Didn't check profile; I was being all completely femnazi b*tch radical and whatnot using female pronouns as the default. ;) )

No, no, you have special knowledge! I bow at your feet...

OK, I'm interested; what did this woman do to you?


she used me for my money,told me to never talk to my family again because she said there annoying,told me i was a bad boy friend because i didnt call her one night,and shes always complaining about something.

So you decided not to put up with crap like that?
Good move there.


yep,luckily i got a new one and shes not such a ***** as the last one.

Remember not to allow people to be *****, you let the last one do that too many times before dropping her.


yep. wait a minute i have to take my medicine *snooooooorrrrrrttt* cooka wewee mocka tric a stony *****!!~hchvbybufbv!!!!

Mc.Donalds a francise of greasy and gaseous warfare... Or any place that serves beans...