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Flight controller for basic RC quadcopter using brushed dc motors Answered

Hey everyone.... :)
I'm organising a camp to encourage high school students to take up STEM courses..... and I'd like to have them build their own RC quadcopters. I want the course to have a minimal fee.... so the quad should be INSANELY CHEAP.
The quad should be able to do just one thing:FLY.
Also, durability is not an issue.... just one or two flights should be sufficient.

1)Can someone please suggest a design using brushed instead of brushless motors? (Simply because they're cheaper)
2)If there's any way I can build a flight controller using off-the-shelf components.... please share your ideas..
3)I have no idea about how to make the remote control/ RF transmitter....... is it the same as that of an RC toy car remote control?
(how do I encorporate controls for four degrees of freedom?)
4)I've come across some lovely designs where the frame is made out of paper or cardboard.... so that's not an issue.
5)Since a number of kids are gonna be flying their quads in close proximity to each other, should I allocate different frequencies? (in order to avoid interference)

Help in any form is welcome.... I'd love to hear from y'all....
Thanks in advance...:)



Answer 4 years ago

Oh I should add there is NO really really cheap way to do this. Kids (and you) WILL crash so repair ability is important.

Really you should look at making foam board gliders, easier, cheaper, realistic for the skills the kids will have and a lot of fun. (same site)


Answer 4 years ago

thanks.. will cardboard work as well as foam...?


Answer 4 years ago

Heavier go for the foam. If not practical card a good substitute