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Ultra-simple low pass audio filter? Answered

Is there a way to create an ultra-simple low pass filter? Will not be using it for subwoofer, but to split audio and boost the power for audio-synced leds. Is a split at about 15-200 hz any good? or should it be higher/lower. Mostly looking for bass guitar and some drum to go in this area. I am totally non-audio knowleged, and am beginning my circuit building skills, so yes, i need lots of help. Can i hook this in parallel to speakers and will it not affect sound quality? can i use a separate audio (no op-amp) amp to boost power to leds? (such as a .5w amp to leds that consume less than .5w?) or should i find an op-amp. Could i just put the filter on and hook leds up in parallel w/out sound loss? I am getting totally lost. I know this is a LOT to ask of you, but your answers to my previous questions have been very helpful and are greatly appreciated. Thanks for putting up with me :) I wish i could figure this out better, but i am having a hard time. So far example no.1 on this link (about halfway down page) seems to look pretty good. Thanks!!!!



AN RC filter would work just fine as the simple LP filter you want. Making filters SHARPER, needs more parts, but a first order RC network.

For the work involved, I'd put an amp in personally.


would this work?


put in a 3k ohm resistor and a .33uf cap to get a corner frequency of 160.8hz, would that work??

Graphic Equalizer Filter can be found at http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10468

I'm using graphic equalizer filter msgeq7 that separates audio into seven separate outputs. It's a simple plug and play operation.

sounds awesome!! do you have a link to what you are using or is it custom?

im sorry, about a third down the page, not half. :)