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Ultrasound/sonogram Answered

Hello folks my lady has recently become pregnant and we were looking for ultrasound equipment just because it's pretty cool and something I think should be pretty available for everyone now. However renting them is over £90 a week and I think buying them is very expensive so basically I am wondering if there is a way to make one or at least attempt this. How would I go about it? I understand the theory on how it works but would like to know the technology involved and how to make it as cheaply as possible, or if it's possible.



6 months ago

Software to resolve a 1024 line image is like Lidar but at 18 to 20 KHz, care should be exercised to limit the energy used because sound can break rocks...

You do not want to damage delicate tissue in imaging...


Answer 6 months ago

Thanks for the info :-)