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Umm, who is that???? Answered

While I was surfing around on instructables, I came across something strange... On the "Resources" topic group, there is no latest user that replied, instead, there is blank, what is going on here???


It's my friends invisible friend he's had an account here for about a year now if you don't believe me just ask him yourself: trev@waddleweb.com just ask him if thats his invisible friend and show him the picture so hell know what your talking about and just so he doesn't get scared say devon somewhere in the subject so hell read it.

Hey Devon, i know Trevon Waddle, he's super cool,

Oh wow I forgot about that comment. You know Trevon? How so?

Um, we're friends from this retreat in KC that was in Februrary, how do you know him?

He's one of my best friends at school.

i know but its a joke me and my friend have he would think thats funny if you said it was his invisible friend


9 years ago

It was my ghost. Move on, nothing to see here.

oh no, not a ghost of a chance of that happening ;-)

You aren't happy that your icon is in that snapshot?

Yay!!! I see lots of Meeeeeeeeeeee!!!