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Un-join groups? Answered

Can you, and if you can, how do you unjoin a group?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Look at the (hard to find!) list of groups in your profile -- in the Settings tab, at the far right of the list. Each group shown has a "Leave Group" button under it.

Hey Atomman, I have a question in return for you, did you make that image above with a program or website? If so, what is the name of it? I was looked for that a week ago.

No, I didn't make it, but I know how.

In Paint.Net, resize some images to icon size. Then make a very large canvas. Paste in the pictures until you get your desired picture.

If you want me too, I can make an instructable about it.

Oh, haha, thanks for the explanation but I understand it now. I meant, if there was a program of it, like: you upload an image of the IB robot, and some other random different images, and the program would build up the thing for you. You can still make an Instructable of it if you like. Or if you're a programmer, build a webprogram that does it, because it appears that their doesn't exist such a program yet! I think it would be popular. I could try it too... but I'm not that experienced on image-editing programming yet...