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Unable to display and print PDFs from FireFox (latest updated version) Answered

I bring up an Instructable, go to the PRINT PDF page, and no matter what I do, I can not "download", see, nor print the pdf from FIREFOX.  I seem to be able to do so from MSIE, however. 



I've seen the problem before of some instructables having 0 bytes of data in the downloaded pdf, but others are working fine. Would you mind sending me a link to the ones you find you're having issues with. The more we find the more we can narrow down exactly what's going on. Thanks!

What was the solution for that 0 byte problem? Several of the PDFs and eBooks have given me a 0 byte download or a tiny download that is corrupted. Most work but some don't. If you've got a link to the solution I'll take it please! :-)

Sadly, the only fix for that is to email the code monkeys and wait for them to update things on the back end. The reason I ask which ones people have issues with is so that I can immediately pass it on and they can be fixed. Unfortunately this is the only real way we know to fix them.

Wonderful. Well thanks for letting me know anyway! :-)

Hopefully the code monkeys aren't pining over the receptionist...

I will have to do so from home....since I am at work, and we only have MSIE here.....I HOPE isn't because I wasn't patient enough, since my connection at home is not as fast as the one at work.

I have a similar problem: I am logged in, but seem to be logged out when going to certain pages, i.e. bacon soup bowl, I am logged out of instructables, and cannot log back OR change my password. yes, I am using FIREFOX.
DO YOU NOW REQUIRE PAYMENT TO LOG IN TO CERTAIN INSTRUCTABLES? or, are you trying to force mac users to leave?

I just can't seem to "load" the PDF's from FF.

I am on Firefox also and this issue of instructable will not down load if the pdf


SOME of my printed PDFs from MSIE came out looking like it was written in Assembler code LOL