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Unable to drag pictures and steps Answered

Windows 7, google chrome.

I'm unable to drag (change the order)  of pictures or steps.

Is anyone else having this problem?


This has just been fixed, try it now!

Thank You Very Much for the fix.

Ok its fixed now Thankyou I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms :-)

Any progress on this bug fix? Im still having issues, but there looks like there's lots of new instructables with image tags moved.

She abbreviated LiquidHandWash to lhw. 8-/ is probably meant to be an emoticon. Looks like a cross between a big grin 8-D and skeptical.... :-/



l= liquid h=hand w=wash

8-/ is the "startled and somewhat perplexed" emoticon. ;-) (that's a winking smiley face.

Me too!
I'm just trying to avoid it now, it has been better since I've changed from firefox to safari. I'm using a mac OS X 10.5


5 years ago

I am! On Mac, using Chrome and Firefox. Up to Safari now...

I'm working on an Instructable and I've had these problems in Safari 6.0.2, Firefox 18.0.2, and Chrome 24.0.1312.57 as of 2/12/13. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.


5 years ago


I see this error, we did a change with some scripts and this must have broke. We will get a fix out for it next week on our release cycle.

Thanks for finding the bug and for using instructables.com!

Sorry to pester you, frenzy, but when can we expect this?

+1, this made it really frustrating to publish yesterday when I tried. It took me ages to reorder stuff.

lol... since I've got you here, James... is the Patch system on the blink, too? I'm missing my 250 subscribers and 1,000,000k View patches. ;-)

No, it works fine, it's just me that doesn't work. I never fully automated it, even if I told everyone I did. I get an email every day with links to click. I just click twice for each patch. I was scared of letting it loose awarding patches unsupervised. I must have missed an email once or twice, that's all. :D

Thank you for remedying the situation, James. I must have my patches!!! ;D

Im also having the same issue on Ubuntu 11.0 using firefox 17.0.1

This is a bug with the site. Thanks for letting us know, we'll work on a fix right away!

Same issue. I am also not able to move image tags, new or old. Windows 7 tested with Firefox 18.0.2, and IE 9.0.8112.16421.