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Unable to login - Account Disabled Answered

One of my instructables got featured and I got a mail regarding a promo code for upgrading to pro membership. After I have upgraded to pro membership, I am unable to log in into my account and it is showing 'Sorry, your account is currently disabled' . I need to participate in a contest waiting to post my instructables but unable to do so.
Kindly help at the earliest.
The account in question is : prem_Sagar


Best bet is to send an email to service@instructables.com - make sure you use the email address conneced to the problem account.

Yeah, Already done that, but yet to receive a reply. Can it be a cache/cookie problem in the browser?

And can some one else add instructables to a collection?

It's still the weekend in California - don't look for an answer until at least eight hours after the time-stamp of this comment.