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Unboxing our new Epilog Laser Cutter! Answered

We got something awesome in the mail today - our new Epilog laser cutter!

Check out the unboxing photos - I'll post more once we've got it set up and running.

It's a 75 watt Epilog laser with a 24"x36" bed - we're going to make some awesome stuff with this one. If you have some great ideas for things to laser cut, bring your plans and materials to to one of our build nights and try it out. (PM me if you have any questions.)

You can do almost anything with a good laser cutter - expect to see lots of fantastic projects posted soon!



9 years ago

about how much was it?

 D: looks like i gotta rob a bank 

Dude, I heard you were getting sued, don't do it man....

 its over im not getting sued anymore 


9 years ago

How about a contest to have something cut-out, kinda like Ponoko, but instructables based? I have a few ideas...

i thinks its a good idea .. i always wanted one.. even if it small........ bump--- :P

nice! i cant wait to see some of the stuff. I suggest you hold a contest, winning item get laser cutted and sent to the winner?

What if we hold a contest, and the winner gets a laser cutter?

That's inspired! If only you'd thought of that once or twice before!

*sigh* it wouldn't fit in my apt. :.-..(

Now THAT would be a bit of trouble to travel and use it :-)

Hmm, it might fit if I could convince the wife to live in the basement.....

ha ha

maybe... uh... um...

build a shack outside for the laser cutter, not for the wife, lol

Oh yes, the landlord would just LOVE that on his property LOL

yes yes yes! however, how much would it cost to sent that over to the uk?? I was trying to think of something that could be international. eg, the winner could enter a 'ible' upon winning they could then send another design, or the same design your way to be laser cut, that way you could have like 20 winners, instead of one person winning one massive thing, 20 people would win something smaller.

yes, sounds good, I mean I was glad to finally get a t shirt :-)

i cant wait to get the ibles book!

OMG! Even Randy looks excited! Whee! So when should I visit? ; D -bg

As they say in California, I am totally stoked! I've got big plans for this thing. Big plans. Huge!

Idea: an art piece/form/thing where the art is the actual process of cutting/etching/engraving it on the laser cutter?

That, would just be (insert postitive californianism here)!

As they say in California, I am totally stoked!

It's weird how they say that in California; we say that in Florida, no one in-between says it.

Shall we buy you a ticket? ;)

Only if it's one way ; P!!

aaawweeessooommeeeeee! cant wait to see the projects !! how much did it cost ?

Can I have the old one? Please...

Damn, lots of other people asked for it too, and you sent it to MAKE, you could of do another laser contest...

Oh well, the instructables team knows what they are doing...

can I have your old one? haha seriously I'm sooooo jelous. That thing's a beast!

maybe if we really suck up to MAKE, they will eventually want a brand new one too....and and, they could have a contest for the old one.....LOL

Good idea! Let's start now! Those cool guys at MAKE...I'm sure they'd be down with that...

Hey, to be honest, I owe those guys over there at MAKE a lot too. They are the ones that, indirectly, pointed me towards Instructables (and I do love their mag) :-)

can I have your old one? haha

The moment I saw the title, that was my first reaction.


Why not give it out as a second grand prize in the laser cutter contest if there is one. The grand prize would be a new one and the second place for grand prize would be the old one

Can I have the old one?