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Uncharted 3 : Drake's Deception Answered

Trailer -


Gameplay -

Release Date - November 1st, 2011 aka 11/1/11


Who's getting it.



7 years ago

I'm definently getting it. Uncharted 2 is the best game on any console, and this will be better. Gonna be AWESOME!!! PS3 OWNS XBOX!!!

wii is the best. it never breaks. ps3 gets the ylod, xbox gets the rrod. wii has nothing. but cool deal, my ps3 got the yellow light. :(

MY guess is the yellow light of death cause xbox gets the red ring of death

I have almost beat the game but im stuck at the end with the demons i beat them when you're in the square with the 5 demon soldiers.

it comes out on my 17th birthday!!!!!!! is it possible to pre order it yet?

nope. I bet they will have it pre-ordable before the Summer.

I'm getting it.

woot woot. Should i add you on PSN? my ps3 is broken now (ylod waaaah) but im sending it in soon to be fixed.

My PSN = F_eared
I play alot of COD and my K/D is 1.55

cool, I've been playing mw2 for a while, im prestiege 5 and level 69 (soo close lol)
im probably not going to be able to use my ps3 till early-mid january so you'll just have to wait. my psn is my ibles name lol